Welcome to the Maelstrom!


We are very excited to welcome you to the 2017-2019 low level HQ chapter, Stormbreak!

Throughout the 2016 season we will be releasing information to prepare you to create a character for our world.

In very broad strokes, our game world takes place on Fortannis far to the north of Icenia near the glacial northern tip of the continent. Completely cut off from travel by a raging mystical storm called the Maelstrom since before recorded history, the game will take place in the Eye of the Storm – an area large enough to encompass several nations with mountain chains, lush forests, and a bay the size of a sea. Throughout the centuries many people have travelled into the Maelstrom but so far there doesn’t appear to be a way out (don’t worry, we’ll be opening it up to mist travel for our PCS!). You are probably going recognize some HQ racial cultures however they’ve been away long enough to develop their own way of doing things, their own flavor, and their own history. We have written hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of years of history that make our races unique and varied with an eye towards maintaining a common enough history that when the game comes to an end in 2019, your character will have a home away from home among the races of HQ.

One of our local flavors is going to be a role play effect for spell casters. Whenever a caster releases the most powerful spell they are able to memorize from their highest circle of magic they will have an emotional reaction based on the type of magic they’ve cast. Historians and Sages have pinpointed this to the chaotic nature of the Maelstrom impacting magic. The Maelstrom has also made many monsters weak enough to be killed outright by certain elements. We’ll leave you to work out what those are in-game.

When the players enter the game, a vast Empire will have just taken over the ancient crumbling Stormbreak Keep and placed two Houses in charge of the area. The Imperial edict is that whoever does the best job ruling will gain the vast swath of lands surrounding the keep. There are a number of Houses, Guilds, and other interested parties attempting to exert influence as well, some vie for one house or another, and some want the entire Empire to fail entirely. All organizations are open to our player characters, some may be a better fit for you, and some may exclude you from joining others.

In the end who wins, who loses? What do the nations of our world look like in 2019. You tell us, because we don’t know. Our goal is to put as many interesting agents in the sandbox as possible, and to have our PCs maneuver them around. We have created more conflicts than will ever appear on stage in the three years that we have. Which conflicts are resolved? Which are left for our imaginations? The choice is yours. The intrigue is yours. The machinations are yours. The success of a House, or the fall of an Empire… All yours.

Welcome to Stormbreak Keep. Welcome to the Maelstrom.
Sounds like a wonderful world. I really hope to experience it next year.