What did we learn, July gathering.


Updated information:
Mists Creation/Fracturing of the Empire/ Plan to fix the fracturing.
Terran (his actual name) was the leader of the Moon Blades at the time of the casting.
Arden was a member of the Order of Arden, observed the casting.
Whisperer, a user of all the forbidden magics, caused the backlash by forcing energy in the ritual. (Those who witnessed the vision, please give any additional information)

Planar locked
We have done the work required on Life and Stone.
Each time there were puzzles of a sort that involved destroying elementals to get pieces. And using those pieces to solve the puzzle. No direction is given.
The puzzle needs to be solved both on the elemental plane, and on Eloria. but not necessarily at the same time. If you solve an elemental plane, please communicate the solution as thus far the puzzles have been identical.
Locking out the planes will also weaken Whisperer, for the inevitable showdown that is coming.

Recovery of Assets form Arden
Gideon can now do this without needing the Puzzlemaster.
We retrieved King Klaus, more on that later.

The Syndicate
More than just Necromancers. Not necessarily trust worthy, but still investigating.

The PuzzleMaster
Recovered a powerful artifact from his, 'not a prison™' with the help of some adventurers. He has created a pocket for himself in the Mist and crafted a small tower for himself, with Earnest as well.

New information:
The Undead Elven King
I do not know the details, but there was some trouble in a forest, the adventurers stirred more up, then dealt with it.
There was some backlash with the town being invaded, but was dealt with by the adventurers.
There was a magical artifact that rifted away from the adventurers, presumably by the Elven King or his retinue. Unsure if that was retrieved.

The Fortune Teller.
Her name is Lola and she's colorful. If she comes in again, pay the 3 silver and get your fortune told. It's very much worth it.

Dryad Library
There is a library somewhere that Contract Apocalypse took over. The previous owner, Fiver, wants it back. They taught forbidden magic there.

Fancy's Mystic Children
There was some sort of a boat assault involving bombs.

Wooden Coins
Can be used to make Magic Items. Gideon is still buying them (shocker right?)

Mist Moving Bones
Saro is attempting to collect bones of some creature that can move the mist. I would like to vision the skull at the next gathering to try and see the person it was before they died.

A member of the librarians. Seemed to be giving out ritual scrolls for free, something about "spreading knowledge." Does anyone know the limitations to this arrangement?

The Portal
The portal goes anywhere if you have the right key, and it is what makes our particular Mist pocket so valuable. Syndicate Necromancers wanted control over it previously, and most other organizations who know about it, want access.
The Empire has a similar portal. (CONJECTURE: Easy access to travel would allow them to take over and maintain control such a vast area.)
Terran, of the Moon Blades, had a seat at the council of the Empire. Found the portal in our mist pocket before the Empire knew of it, and set forth the casting of the ritual that obfuscated the area in order to keep it out of the Empires control. So they would not have a monopoly on travel in the land. (more on that later)

Change in Management
With Klous being retrieved from Arden, he was asked/tasked to lead control the adventurers by the adventurers that retrieved him. Lord something something SunSeeker met with Klous roughly 90 seconds after he came out of the portal onto Eloria, some preliminary negotiations were discussed. And they left together.
Later that night, a treaty was signed where Klous would have a small Kingdom of Roefield (not sure that's spelled right) and would pay taxes to the Empire. Lord SunSeeker would be granted control over our mist pocket (if you haven't been paying attention, that's a bad thing)
The adventurers will continue to gather where they have been as the Kingdom of Roefield will not have room.

OPINION: Many have complained that Klous is not taking the adventurers in. He was a bit blindsided by this whole thing, and in abotu 12 hours showed up in the Empire, said 'give me lands' and was granted them. He needs to secure his base a bit before just showing up and starting a revolution. I'm sure Klous recognizes the strategic value of both adventurers, and the current location. I'm told Klous was a fair ruler, so I'm sure he has excellent knowledge of how difficult a time Sunseeker will have trying to govern adventurers. If we don't want the Empire in control of us longterm, we need to start now. When Klous asks for help, which I'm sure he will. Help him. If Klous is a great of a king as many have said he is, I would give him the benefit of the doubt, and a little time.
The big thing is we don't want the Empire fortifying the area, and seizing control over the Portal. Armies don't move well in the mist, I'm guessing they move pretty well through a portal. Devious compliance is the name of the game until Klous has secured himself. If Sunseeker doesn't know about the portal yet, and we aren't 100% sure he knows where it is, don't tell him where it is. He probably knows its in the area, but that's much different than, "right there"
Starting now, I suggest an overall code of silence regarding the portal while in public. Stop licking it.

The adventurers are going to try a move Stormhaven onto Klous' new lands so he will have more resources to get started.

I know a lot more has happened. Something about fish people and breathing underwater?
What else did people do/learn?

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We also learned that the whisper showed up as Arden was watching terren cast the offication ritual. He smacked the ley lines with a staff causing the ritual to go astray.
What about the Biata and his orb of assholeness? Did anyone locate the Dryad he kidnapped?

-Sam Gemclipper
Guildmaster of the Company, Head Advisor to Lady Ironrose, Master Bard, Journeyman Alchemist, Assistant Guild Master for the Merchant Guild of Fairfax, Tavern-owner of The Flaming Skull, and Founder and Head Dean of The Bard's College of Wayside.
The dryad was part of the force that attacked the town late Saturday evening. We defeated her, broke the controlling corruption that she was under, and then escorted her to her forest. Alana is watching over her at the moment to make sure that none of the biata's minions can get to her
The discussion you witnessed at the gathering was actually the second discussion I had, had with the king.
I reason that I decided to ask King
clouse to join us was a complex one. First, leading the adventurers was not the job I wanted nor asked for when His Majesty asked me to continue in my station after the loss of King Dafell. Second, when we as the nobles tried to adjust our system of governance to be less authoritarian, it was met with far more resistance then we ever expected.
Third, I have been hearing disturbing tales of nobility and their unjust actions from other realms for a number of years. While I don't believe that we would have the same issues here because actions like those I have been hearing about would be met by me in a very forward manner. A growing fear of what could happen after I am gone began to grow in my mind. I am an old adventurer with many experiences under my belt. My encounter with the dragon last market day brought into view the possibility of my end. Dragon hurling shatter spirits, obliterates and annihilates tend to bring that end into view with startling clarity. Most of those could have brought my adventures to a sudden end. From there I began to wonder what would be my legacy after I am gone. I won't be responsible for leaving a legacy of irresponsible leadership behind me. This is not an indictment of Neo, Karstark or Alhana. But what would follow them. I hope this clarifies the situation. Negotiations between the king and the empire and the resulting conclusion was by the kings decision. He made it clear that this was what he desired. As his baron, it is my job to do as the king asks.
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Updated information:
The Undead Elven King
I do not know the details, but there was some trouble in a forest, the adventurers stirred more up, then dealt with it.
There was some backlash with the town being invaded, but was dealt with by the adventurers.
There was a magical artifact that rifted away from the adventurers, presumably by the Elven King or his retinue. Unsure if that was retrieved.

He's not an Elf. Although he wouldn't have you believe that. The kingdom he lives in, is partially elves, partially humans. Every time they need a successor the alternate as to who is the king. He was a human, so an elf will be next. I actually never got a name of the kingdom but, I can write Rynen and ask. He lived a lot longer then he should, and using that orb to suck the life out of the forest. He was in love Duchess Leiliandriani Sy’Eth, and so tried to make himself appear Elvish to win her over.

He had a Greater Biata with him, his feathers were glowing red. The Greater Biata knew how to use an artifact orb to extend the king's life. This is important when dealing with Greater Biata (Conjecture: I believe the same to be true of Stone Elves), they can very easily take control of your mind. We've consistently kept the one we've had subdued in an effort to not let this happen. Touch was what triggered this, although it's possible he could do it from farther away.

After exposing what this king was doing, the Elves will now pick a new king. Once the life of the forest was restored, it stripped the king of his youth. He isn't long for this world in his current form.


Maxwell and I hired some water breathing elves to help rescue the MWE children. We will provide the healing for their endeavor from the surface as we both failed at learning to breath underwater.