What do you wish for?

Discussion in 'Chicago: In Game' started by matrim1985, May 8, 2017.

  1. matrim1985

    matrim1985 Adept

    How can I humbly help you?

    A simple wish can change everything.

    Seek me out and I will help in ways only I can.

    -Wishgranter Amon
  2. Gandian Ravenscroft

    Gandian Ravenscroft Knight Southern Minnesota Staff Marshal


    ~ Silp
  3. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Squire Marshal

    Seek you out where? Just 1 wish? Sounds pretty legit, since no one has said anything otherwise that you wouldn't be a credible person...thing...something...

    Though Silp says nope, so maybe there is something fishy here...

    A simple recently demoted to Greg,
    Gregory Renaldo Binks III
  4. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Squire Marshal

    Hey Amon,

    How many vishes have you granted? I vould love to record your generous deeds of who and what has been granted.

    - Binks
  5. Pokethulu

    Pokethulu Templar

    There are consequences for every wish. I would suggest that no one make any wishes.

    Lady FallingStar
  6. matrim1985

    matrim1985 Adept

    My apologies for such a delayed response but I have been a bit busy.

    I cannot answer the question Binks for wishes are deeply personal and it would be a disservice to the wisher to speak of them.

    -Wishgranter Amon
  7. Lurin

    Lurin Count Owner Southern Minnesota Staff Chicago Staff

    I can help here Binks,

    It's been enough that multiple powers from Anret have been very explicit in their warnings to stop due to the great power Amon has been fed.

    I am personally aware of three, but due to my position I very much expect I am unaware of a number of additional wishes that parties wish to keep private.

    -Baron Bluewater

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