What do you wish for?

Discussion in 'Chicago: In Game' started by matrim1985, May 8, 2017.

  1. matrim1985

    matrim1985 Adept

    How can I humbly help you?

    A simple wish can change everything.

    Seek me out and I will help in ways only I can.

    -Wishgranter Amon
  2. Gandian Ravenscroft

    Gandian Ravenscroft Knight Southern Minnesota Staff Marshal


    ~ Silp
  3. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Knight Marshal

    Seek you out where? Just 1 wish? Sounds pretty legit, since no one has said anything otherwise that you wouldn't be a credible person...thing...something...

    Though Silp says nope, so maybe there is something fishy here...

    A simple recently demoted to Greg,
    Gregory Renaldo Binks III
  4. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Knight Marshal

    Hey Amon,

    How many vishes have you granted? I vould love to record your generous deeds of who and what has been granted.

    - Binks
  5. Pokethulu

    Pokethulu Templar

    There are consequences for every wish. I would suggest that no one make any wishes.

    Lady FallingStar
  6. matrim1985

    matrim1985 Adept

    My apologies for such a delayed response but I have been a bit busy.

    I cannot answer the question Binks for wishes are deeply personal and it would be a disservice to the wisher to speak of them.

    -Wishgranter Amon
  7. Lurin

    Lurin Count Chicago Staff

    I can help here Binks,

    It's been enough that multiple powers from Anret have been very explicit in their warnings to stop due to the great power Amon has been fed.

    I am personally aware of three, but due to my position I very much expect I am unaware of a number of additional wishes that parties wish to keep private.

    -Baron Bluewater
  8. migs

    migs Newbie

    I do not plan to make any requests of Amon but I am curious. What are some of the costs that have come from such oral transactions?
  9. Grimshaw

    Grimshaw Newbie

    Ummm, Migs da cost wuz ya didn't 'ave ta die ina pocket dimension.
  10. migs

    migs Newbie

    I am quite thankful to you Grimshaw but I keep hearing that there is a cost without hearing what the cost is. Mind you I'm fairly certain the Djin is growing stronger off of fulfilled requests which I believe is reason enough not to make any requests lightly. I am just confused about the cost part. I just wish to know more about powerful being so I know what to look out for in the future. Is that so wrong?
  11. Joseph Smith

    Joseph Smith Newbie

    Not at all! I actually encourage this kind of curiosity. The only criticism I'd make is that it will be difficult to get a straight answer now that you've identified yourself as one who won't make wishes "lightly". Amon is a clever being. I once questioned him at great length under the guise of possibly having one of my desires granted. It was an artful dance. Arguing the opposition, though, memory seems to be suffering in Wayside. Maybe it affects him as well?

  12. migs

    migs Newbie

    I see the criticism but either way, last time I talked to the djin he said he would only answer me if I said the magic word and so he was not the one I was asking since I doubt he would tell me anyway. What do you mean memory is suffering?
  13. jdackow

    jdackow Scholar


    All magic has a price but you do not always see the price that is paid. The cost is most likely balanced by the extremeness of the item requested. For one to live, another dies. Ask for riches, famine cause other to starve. Magic is energy, it is not created it is transformed so the more that would be required, the more that needs to come from somewhere else. So, in this case, the cost is relative. if some one starves because another requested a feast I would say the cost was very high. even with the best intentions the granting of even a simple desire can have devastating effects that were not intended.

    Aramis Seablade
  14. migs

    migs Newbie

    In otherwords, it isn't always the requester who pays the price?
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  15. jdackow

    jdackow Scholar


    I can not say for certain this is true with Amon but the best advice is, let not find out.

    Aramis Seablade
  16. migs

    migs Newbie

    That's fair. I'm just concerned about some of the requests that have come to fruition and how I'm sure there will be more.

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