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So its been about 6 months...do the boys still love school?


Wow, time flies so fast......

So it's been a lil over year now since the last post, Twins are now 5... kindergarten starts in a few weeks. Mainstream! No more special education, no more therapy. Between the diet changes, the shots and the early diagnosis and intervention/therapy I am happy to announce the twins were declassified Autistic (they still have the disease, but we beat it into a kinda "remission" ). However, just to be safe, they were classified ADHD so if something should occur, they are still eligible to get special services. They still have a few issues socially, but who doesn't, lol. I am hoping by next year they may be ready to make an appearance at the children's event.

http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php ... 4032817238

Anyone out there going through this battle, i wish you the best of luck. It's a long hard road, and sacrifices and compromises have to get made, but it is managable and i believe suppressable. If you have any questions for myself or my wife, shoot me a pm here, or an email to lordsnarel@yahoo.com and i'll over any advice/answers i might have.

thanks for the caring and support!
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Mike, that's fantastic news! I'm so happy for you and your boys.

Our own little one starts Kindergarten too this year, and we're hopeful that she'll be able to integrate with the mainstream kids. Thanks for posting some inspiring news. :)


The key is persistance. No matter how tough or hopeless it seems, ya gotta keep plugging along and looking for that one thing, or combination of things that works for you and your kid(s). May the supreme being give you the strength you need to keep soldering on. G'luck!


Kindergarten went mostly smooth, I can't believe the lil ones are 6 already. Summer's here, we're looking for camps and stuff to keep em occupied and in "learning mode" right now all they've learned is the name of all the monster trucks on Advanced Auto Parts Monster Jam (and which driver goes with each truck). Still maintaiing the dairy/gluten free regimen, though we're easing more wheat into their diet slowly. Still getting shots too, and now we have a whole barrage of new supplements and vitamins from their new doctor who seems to prefer a natural approach instead of pharmaceuticals, which is fine by us. Ritalin seemed too drastic a step for such lil ones anyway. Stay strong, the cure is out there, waiting to be found, and from what I have read, it may be closer than we think....