What really happened on the Night of the Long Fang and Prince Tristian’s Role

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Good day Unbounded. I am Chamberlain Yellowstone Barclay, sworn under House Rumil.
With new Unbounded arriving each month, and the sudden return of Prince Tristan, I felt it necessary for an official recounting of the events of that night almost three years ago.

Part 1: The Trio

Mistweaver Jett (fugitive), High Vindicator Vellano (deceased), and Prince Tristian Rumil, conspired together to crash the moon down onto Rathfall.

Mistweaver Jett
Having stolen research on mist sphere traversal, Mistweaver Jett conspired with a vampire to capture a powerful magic caster named Fizzy Bang from the Prademar mist sphere. He imprisoned the powerful caster in the moon to fuel the ritual to crash it into Rathfall. While in the other mist sphere, Jett discovered a new, powerful elixir known as enslavement, and introduced it to the Grimere Expanse.

High Vindicator Vellano
It was discovered that Vellano was son of necromancers killed by a young Adrian who went on to become Padishah Adrian IV (deceased). Adrian adopted Vellano, telling nobody of his past, and upon ascension to the Dias, declared that necromancers should not be executed for their crimes, but instead reformed within the order to use their magics for good. Years later, High Vindicator Vellano, using the newly acquired enslavement elixirs, enslaved all of the converted necromancers in the Order to do his bidding and rise up to assist in casting the ritual, killing his adoptive father in the process.

Prince Tristian Rumil, for reasons known only to him, funded his co-conspirators and their operations. When this evidence came to light, he was tried by his the City Council, lead by Archduke Rumil, and exiled to Silkshore.

The installation of Fizzybang into the moon displaced Moon Father, an Avatar known among other things to manage the curse of lycanthropy. This drove all werewolves in the world to madness and rage.

Part 2: Enter Unbounded

Mistweaver Bizzyfang, using her magics, contacted the Unbounded in their mist sphere and transported them to Rathfall to assist in stopping the moon disaster.

The Unbounded, having rifted into a city under attack by lycanthropes, defended and rescued who they could.

That night, during a feast with all unbounded and Nobility present, High Vindicator Vellano began his part of the conspiracy and killed the guest of honor, Padishah Adrian IV, rallying his enslaved forces to complete the Moon ritual.
During the chaos, Princess Tristian immediately left to the closest mist portal unharmed and closed it behind him, leaving everyone, even his own sister, to their fate.

The Unbounded successfully prevented the ritual’s completion and the demise of everyone in the Grimere expanse with only seconds to spare. It was revealed that Vellano had a rare, strong spirit like the unbounded, and fled to the moon where the Unbounded eventually defeated him and restored Moon Father to his throne, freeing Fizzybang in the process.

20 minutes later, Archduke Rumil had returned from his campaign in the Blight and congratulated the unbounded.

I do hope this true recounting sheds some light on what happened that night to any new arrivals to our fair city.

Chamberlain Yellowstone Barclay
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Chamberlain Yellowstone Barclay,

Thank you for you accounting. As witness to what transpired I would humbly act the at accounting be amended based on my first hand experience.

On that Friday eve, when the Unbounded were rifled into your realm. I was able to parlay a haunt of hostilities with Moon Father. I would gladly go on official record to the details of that conversation. It was at this point the Children of the Moon then stopped attacking. In so far as I saw around the Flaming Skull and in my direct experience the rest of the weekend.

Padishah Adrian IV was murdered during dinner on Saturday evening, which then lead to events which resulted in the final death of disgraced former High Vindicator Vellano and the restoration of Moon Father. Thus the stabilization of the satellite in a stable orbit.

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