What we need for the cure

Lanna Rose


If you can help provide the potions and elixer for the cure it would be a huge help!

We really need remove weakness. It's the one thing I cannot make.

If you find sleep potions or elixers they would be helpful as well.

The last part is antidote exliers.

If you find any of these please find me so I can mix them to help with any stage one cures.

Also I need glacier ice incase we come across any who have the stage two curse.

All help is greatly appreciated. The Magnates have offered compensation to those who want it. I am keeping a log.

Thank you in advance.



Gettysburg Staff

I am incapable of producing the requisite potion and elixir for the cure; however, if you or another craftsman should require the coin to procure or make them, I would be more than happy to supply it. I am uncertain as to whether this is part of the problem, but should the need arise, simply ask.


Lanna Rose

Coin is greatly appreciated as my only income is my skills with languages. If you have some to spare I will use it to make what I can for the cure.

But as I have no skill with potion making I need help finding remove weakness potions.