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    It seems the darkest days of winter are behind us. We prepare for lambing in the coming weeks, and ready the teams for the plough come March. I find myself curiously disconnected from the world. I've heard little to no news of our trials and triumphs, or what may pass in the year to come.

    We have defeated the Architect, and I believe The Weave is broken. Does anyone know the fate of the remaining corrupt?

    Have the nations of the Sheltered Lands come to some arrangement concerning the fate of the corrupt territories? Who will lay claim to them? I'm sure we will have problems with battlefield scroungers, bone pickers, and squatters. Has anyone seen or heard anything about those lands?

    We fought the Plague Lord. Is he ended? What of the disease?

    How fare our allies? The final confrontation of the Architect was a bloody and brutal battle which could not have been won without the other peoples of the sheltered lands. How many of them have recovered from their losses? Do they need our assistance?

    What of the guilds, merchants, craftspeople, farmers, and other folk of these lands?

    The world seems quiet, perhaps it's time we made some small noise.

    - Baeleon
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  2. Lurin

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    I think the plague guy is dead, we stabbed him more than is usual, and he left his fancy sword behind. There were a lot of flame guys trying to get to a volcano that was all 'look at all this flame I got' which makes sense, but Durl was pretty sure that wasn't a common thing around here. Used to see it around Wayside so maybe they were on vacation? Dunno about the rest but I guess if people need some help let Durl know and he'll be there, I was kinda thinking about sticking around for awhile anyway...

  3. von Gryphon

    von Gryphon Adept

    Greetings Baeleon,

    Durl is correct, the Plague Lord is no more. His accursed form was struck down at the feast location albeit not during the meal. You should know, his last dying breath was a coy curse of sorts... something about "playing right into his hands and now his death will issue the return of the Quelie Elves to reclaim what is their's... which is everything... mooowhahahahaa...cough cough...*expire*".

    So hope you have had time enough to recover, if such threats are real, we should ready defenses and be on the lookout for such influences.
    At the same time, I place little value in anything such a creature of darkness has... I mean had... to say.
    Personally - I have been routing the countryside of pockets of Corrupt. I have rebuilt the cavalry with what resources I could and we have been patrolling as deep as rations will allow into former Corrupt territory. We have left banners and flags of the Gryphon Guard at key points to show the areas traveled, and have begun to map out the regions to the South.

    My hope is to establish circles of power for the purposes of travel as we begin to move Southward. The exploration of the lands and cleansing of the remaining pockets of Corrupt and shattering of the remaining nodes - if done effectively should prove to be rather easily accomplished - now that the weave is down.
    Imagine if we could find the lands of the First Forest and heal the lands back to pre-corruption.

    I am certain that Auspicious and the Great Tree will hold valuable insight as to how to restore the lands and rid the corruption. It may indeed have more to do with the purification of the corrupted territory through removal of the nodes, which is where I intend to start.

    What are your thoughts Baeleon?

    I am open to thoughts and suggestion of any others that might hear this dream as well.

    Walk with Honor,
    Sir Victor von Gryphon
    Knight of the Stayed Blade
    Bringer of the Dawn
    Destroyer of the Plague
  4. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Knight Marshal

    It has indeed been a quiet Winter, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I can only hope our peace and unity last for many more years before the greed of conquest corrupts our allied nations as well.

    If the Que'li rise again they would be foolish to attack those that have rallied and defeated the Corrupt. Though, they should know not to take us lightly. If there is one thing I did see for certain when The Plague Lord fell, is that there is an entire new generation capable of taking the mantle of the future. I for one am curious to see what can be done when others step up and carve their names into the history books of The Sheltered Lands.

    There's a lot of healing, resting, nourishing to be done within ourselves and the land. Come Spring, that New Dawn shall fully illuminate the path forward, and it'll be up to us to take part. We have 1 Crown Ancient Seed yet to plant, perhaps it can begin to cleanse the path southward, and we can see what is left for us.

    However, we should not forget what the future brings. A thousand years into the future, the hatchings will lay waste to this land unguided and in a war against each other, and with no hope to stop them. How do we prevent the Dragons from undoing what we have done today? In the end, there were but a few groves of Dryads left, and even that was the end of civilization. Can any of our actions even make a difference to that future? Is it even our future? If it was enough for an Elemental Overlord of Order to make an appearance, then it must be true. Though, I suppose there is not much to do about something so far away. We have to focus on the now, and the threats that currently seek to disrupt our peace.

    - Lord Asher Oakheart
  5. Dragonblade

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    much of what Sir Victor and Lord Asher have said is true and the corrupt have lost their strong grip upon these lands but we must be alert and ready in case there are more enemies that come to bring trouble upon our lands.

    Iganeous Ironforge
  6. Kitaruen

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    If there is a single truth in Fortannis is that someone or something is always preying upon the weak or asserting control, the predations are ever present as long as adventurers exist or perhaps adventurers exist as the balance to these predations. That matters little as only the fight to make the world a better place matters.

    I for one am saddened that I was not there for the final battle against the corrupt but wish to raise a toast to all of you for being victorious. Enjoy the days of hope and renewed strength while they last.


    Also is it dragon killing time? I love killing dragons! Also does anyone have a dragon omelette recipe?
  7. squeegee

    squeegee Scholar Owner Southern Minnesota Staff

    Don't forget y'all did a number on that giant pumpkin in ma patch.

    -Bill Engstrom
  8. von Gryphon

    von Gryphon Adept

    I will never look at Pumpkin Pie the same.

    Sir Victor
  9. Dragonblade

    Dragonblade Scholar

    while i have heard that pumpkin pie is quite good i do know that dragon skin can make very tough armor and shields!


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