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I am against Necromancy. My liege - both Lord Silverleaf and Baron Mogra'Mel - stand against it as well. Many of the adventurers feel the same, some do not. However we are in a difficult situation. M'Lady Keranna is within the bounds of the law to use it as she wishes. She is a sanctioned necromancer in a land where it is legal *AND* she is the Cupbearer of the ruler of these lands. To punish her for openly casting chaos magic was foolishness, even if the act goes against every moral fiber in our being. Had Sera Fiona and Gertrude not prevented her from going to the Earth Circle I have no doubt the full force of the Duke would have moved against us. As it stands, I am certain we (the adventuring community) will be facing punishment of some sort. It may be a revocation of our ability to move beyond Horizon, it may be sending us all to the circle. Time will tell but I plead with you to not dismiss or forget it.

We must look to allies, both within the borders of Ravensong and without. The ants, Ida and the inhabitants of her Grove, Genevieve of the road, and Stellarin come to mind. We must repair the damage done to our relationship with Clan Greywing.

We will need to clean up a mess we've created - the dark unicorn. This will not be easy.

Most of all, we must stand together. Auryn Fairhorn, I beg that you continue Tea Time with the town. Those who have pledged for the Duke, do not abandon your comrades. Adventurers, do not dismiss those who wear his mark.

I welcome ALL your thoughts and comments
Zihr of House Husky
Cupbearer to Lord Silverleaf


Very well said M'lord. I also recognize we are in lands where it is legal and it makes me feel icky. I understand that pledging my fealty to Sara Fiona in turn puts me in service of Baron Petrus and The Duke himself but I do not like that necromancy is legal here one bit. I agree tea time is important. I do fear what will come from the Duke as well.

Squire Bruisey Foemangler


Chicago Staff
It's fortunate our thoughts in here are not known outside of our community, because last market day was a dark stain on everything we stand for. I respect enough of Bruisey, Johanna, Zihr and Fiona to say they don't need to speak against their vows here; I don't wish for word to get out and more trouble caused, so I'll speak freely, no longer burdened by the anchor of nobility in a land plagued with decay and woe.

Why are we in Ravensong? What is keeping us here? Is it housing? Well, things can be rebuilt. Is it friendship? With who, no one wants us here, no one gives a damn about us here. We are unwelcomed and unwanted. So why stay? Lord Silverleaf didn't stay. Baron Mogra'mel didn't stay. Why? Because they knew the insanity of this entire land. Why should any of us stay? Sure, there is a Tavern. Alright Lady Johanna, we can build another. Seriously, I want each and every one of you to give me a solid answer as to why we stay in Ravensong, as opposed to leaving for the Academy, or the Magi. I'm patient, I can wait for an answer.

While that lingers in your mind, lets discuss Necromancy, or chaos magic, one and the same, despite confusion from individuals. To draw upon Chaos means to steal, to deny life from something else living in a sense that it'll never return. When the Corrupt came, they plagued the land with Necromancy, the Corrupt themselves were a result of land twisted. Each draw from chaos destroys this land. For those that "hate" necromancy, you mostly stood by and watched it happen; you stood back because something was "legal". You people disgust me. 7 years I've fought along side you, most of you in fact. We have destroyed the Forsaken, we one by one rose up to kill the Corrupt lords, we gathered the Racial Artifacts, we woke dragons, and all of this to cleanse this land, to restore how things should be. Why throw all that away because someone deems it legal? Why give up on all your values and moral codes because it is no longer checked? The true test of you comes when the wrong choice is the easier choice, and the right choice is the harder one. What happened to you? When was the point you made a decision that this is how it has to be, this is who you've become and this can't be changed? Where are the people who saved King Talon from behind Corrupt lines. Where are the people who bled, died and resurrected doing the right thing? Did we surrender those people, and those thoughts back in the fall of 1517? Were only those doomed and tainted sent to these lands, while others have not made nor will ever make the journey here?

To be said that we expect retaliation from the Duke for not killing Keranna, and then to say for doing so we expect retaliation. Does that sound like a person you want to pledge loyalty to? Someone who would punish those not even involved for the decisions of others. Johanna feared the same fate. We are in a Duchy of Fear. Why are you all scared? You serve the Duke out of fear. That's not a leader, that is a tyrant. Take a look in a mirror, a puddle, a lake, a plate, anything where you can look yourself in the eyes and ask yourself, who are you, what do you want to be, and who will you be.

I denounced my title as Lord within Ravensong on the last night of market. I sent a letter to Albatross that my loyalties lie with Gaden, even now, and I want no part of the nobility here.

Despite everything I've said, I still care for each of you. In time, I know you'll see the correct path again, but you'll have to do so without me. I hope you'll do the right thing and come to your senses, I just hope it's sooner, later than later, when you realize it's too late.

Asher Oakheart


I'll cast my lot in with you Asher. I have not walked the lands of Gaden as long as you have, but I have bled and died for her. I dedicated years of my life to restoring the unicorns and cleansing the waters of old Gaden. I fought the corrupt lords, the plague lord, and all manner of tyrants by your side. I fought Ishkavaim with everything I am, a creature twisted by chaos, nercromancy, and toxicity. The energies of chaos are the antithesis of everything that I've done and everything that I am. I cannot continue that fight without hope, and I am entirely without hope these days.

Honorable Zhir, Strong Bruisey, Fair Auryn, Lost Keranna, Caring Jamina, Stalwart Igneaous, Loyal Azeban, Warmhearted Johanna, Resourceful Artemis: It is for you to decide what sort of folk you will be. I've held you in high esteem, though I may not have said it aloud. Face this world with kindness and compassion for there is enough hate and pain in it already.

I have no title to denounce, I have no letters to send. But I shall leave these lands, there is nothing for me here. I will continue to seek the First Forest, and may I find rest there. Perhaps I'll see some of you in the realms that come after.

-Baeleon Somerled


Baeleon, I am sorry to lose you. You are a bulwark of knowledge and wisdom that I have always had great respect for. My heart weeps.

With no disrespect, Ascher, I disagree with you. I take offense for your divisiveness of our party. For whatever reason we were sundered and placed in a land that is inhospitable, we have a purpose here. By running away, we are abandoning the people and friends we already have made in the land of Ravensong. Although we have not been here long, the people we meet are in dire need of help. With the knowledge and skill that we have from our previous adventuring, don't you think we have enough to help those in need? It would seem that running away, is against the honor of the adventurers. As a Lady of Gaden, I am sure that we can prevail against the evil in this world. As we learn the laws, we might find that others in the land need rescuing from their doomed fate. Thinking back to the adventuring of long ago, there were times when it seemed hopeless, but there is always a light to find and to shine. I think we need to realize that the change of the sundering has taken us by surprise and that the change should not drive us apart and away but together and make a solid stand. Whether we are afraid or not, Ascher, fear is where courage prevails. Crazy odds, tyrants of old, and courage of adventurers are what we are made of.

I do have a title, I do not renounce it, and I stay. This land needs us. It needs the light that we bring. If you saw the locals who come into my tavern when you are not around, you would know that they need a hero- many heroes. If you feel that there is no hope, than you must not be looking at the people standing beside you. They are your hope and collectively, you all have the ability to outwit the darkness. The lenses that you look through will shape who you are. If you see a place you do not want to be, maybe you should change your lenses to reflect all that is good inside and all that can be accomplished. This world can be rebuilt but it is with hard work, perseverance and unity.

May you find your way to where you want to go. Go with grace and peace. I hope you will someday find your way back to my tavern so that we all may be unified.

With Many Good Wishes,
Lady Johanna Brooks of Gaden


Thank you for your words. I agree, and I too believe that we all must band together in this time and be careful of our actions.
I shall continue holding Town Tea.

I don't remember if I congratulated you on your new Squireship or not, but I truly believe that Knight Fiona made an excellent choice in choosing you. I agree, the whole necromancy shtick squicks me out too. I think it's wrong, and I suspect there is something deeper afoot in these lands. I look foward to getting to know you better in the future.

It is with a heavy heart I wish you adieu. I have watched your heart grow more burdened and you more burnt out with the passage of time in these new lands. I wish you true happiness and hope and peace wherever your heart leads you. Take your time, and rest. You have fought long and hard, and deserve time to heal your weariness. We will pick up the fight in your stead.

I've always known you to be of the best sort, despite how much you insist you aren't. We all have our own sins and regrets we bear, but I've always known you to be a singularly good man, one that I attempt to emulate, at least in some small way. You taught me to forge daggers, arrows, how to fix my armor. You gave me a shoulder to lean on when I needed one, and always showed me kindness and offered a willing ear when none other would. You and a few others showed me that there wasn't necessarily weakness in being soft and kind. You placed emphasis in honor and doing the right thing even if the cost was steep, and even if our paths never align again I will never forget the way you've influenced me. Whatever realms you walk are better for having held you.

I am forever in your debt my friend. I will continue to walk this path with kindness and compassion as you've charged us with. You helped me find my hope again. I believe that one day you can find yours.

I respect your opinion, conviction, and your choice to step down from your title. I thank you for your years of service to the realm. However, I agree with my Lady Joanna, and I cannot leave because of it. This land needs us now more than ever to fix the wrongs here. Move if you wish, but like I told you and everyone else at teatime last market day, I do not believe this can be solved solely with blades like problems we have had in the past. You may say I'm making a mistake, but I'm doing my best to gather information and walk a just path to mediate for a kinder future.

Milady Joanna,
Thank you for your words. They sing loud and true, and I am glad to know you.

Yours Truly,
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I do want to address some stuff here and I know by doing so everyone will stop communicating in this dream, but I feel I must put in my input.


We have not been shown any hostility by the people of this land considering that they do not like outsiders. The Duke his Grace and his people have been nothing but kind. As well as if you are abandoning this lands why are you still dreaming to us, you obviously do not want to attempt to fix what YOU see as wrong in these lands. With that in mind maybe you do not deserve your title and it is good that you renounced your title; That I have never seen you carry well, as new people in your land you shoved me in the corner and would not tell me what was going on for 2 years. You were in luck I was blindly following my commands from Pratarak otherwise I would have not been there trying to help. The last thing I wish to address to just you Asher is after all that the guilds did to the people of this lands why do you want to live with them. If we are to judge Ravensong on their past then judge the guilds the same way. They killed people and destroyed these lands, in a desperate power struggle for resources. This is before the Albatross family SACRIFICED to Save it and to stop the guilds.

To everyone concerned of being punished from something, they did not participate in, If any ramifications come up it will be to those who did the wrong or those who broke the law. On the topic of the law, they are not saying you have to cast chaos just that some are allowed to.

To Everyone

I have never once felt at home in these lands (Gaden) I have been ignored shoved in corners and not kept in the loop. I have just been expected to heal the adventurers of this land for a pay of being treated WORSE than the orks treated me in Pratarak. Though those High Orks were only worse because that was their way, violence, and war. I have a foul taste for people that kill people without much cause behind it. Let me tell you a Story here, People that are like the adventures of Gaden killed my family on a fear that a family of Earth casters had to be necromancers since they were shut-ins. I had to escape the lands of Gaden for fear of death because someone was being paranoid. My family is dead because of people like you and you expect my blind allegiance. I also give you all my WORD that I, Keranna of the Dead Ones, will never harm anyone that doesn't harm me.

Keranna Cupbearer to the Duke his Grace


I have heard troubling words from kin of the land I love so dear, and here I sent my dreams and see it true. You speak of heroes, yet do you have the courage to stand when it will mean your death without question? The cupbearer Keranna deserves no mercy if necromancy has been invoked from their hands. The might of a Duke is nothing compared to the stalwart courage and ferocity of those brave adventurers who stood at Hope's Reach - and later saw the destruction of the greatest enemy Gaden has ever, and will ever, face. I will be short as my home is no longer within your shard, but know this:

When I return it will be with war drums and you will feel the conviction of one who has called King Talon a close and personal friend. If you have finally seen this Duke as the vile creature he is than I will delight in turning my beastial rage against him and those who wield chaos with you, but if you have not this is your warning. I will spare no one and gladly find my rest within the earth circle time and time again for what is right. Necromancy is a blight. No law will ever change that.

Bruisey. I have entrusted you with an Oath of mine, and I will mourn deeply if that trust be misplaced. We are a people apart - we do not need laws to guide us. We have the old ways of the Earth and the seasons. Seek them and know what is right.

All those who seek place of safety to gather themselves are welcome within Sedovia. The laws and nobility are honorable and just. We wage war against an ancient necropolis and a long dead dracolich whom stirs deep within. If you arrive seek the town of Foxbridge, and speak with the Earth Guildmaster. I am an apprentice of his and he will send you on to meet me in the mountains.

I will not remain dreaming hear lest I am called again. Go with the Earth my old friends, and know that I think of you each day. May Hope be in reach for each of you, and may it stave off the darkness of your lands.

Hengin, Hisagi
Elder Shaman of the Stone Claw Tribe
Lord Magistrate
Apprentice of the Earth Guild
Kingdom of Sedovia

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I have not adventured in some time so I dream with some hesistancy but at least in part this is a topic close to heart.

Necromancy is vile and as an Earth caster and healer it should be hated and reviled. I hate it....With that said... It's no secret I have cast it. At least once I have been put to death for it and at least once I have been cursed for it. I will cast it again to save a loved one...but with heavy heart and I absolutely would expect to be put down for it. Everytime I have cast I have embraced the fact I SHOULD be executed as it is a crimes against the reality we live. Just two coppers of a simple man take it or leave it...

Hengin and Asher... Long time no see. Hengin I hope you are well-Drink a fine bourbon in honor of Shadowslight and I will in memory of Forest Edge! Asher you and I have always clashed as I am a harsher man than you but there has always been respect and I dare say friendship there. Just say the word and i am beside you. Is it time to kill a Duke?Never done that before sounds like a party...I will bring the wine. Back to back fighting just like the old days.

Kitaruen Kopanari Stin Svetlo Targoatian
-Call me Kit

PS. Remember much of life is perspective so attitude and ideals differ but one truth is the strong should protect the weak. We are adventurers and that is our common ground. We do what others cannot to keep the welfare of the common man and the world at large in tact. Be good to each other because we together are the line that holds back the darkness.


Good, Hengin, please refrain from bringing your war drums. They are not needed nor warranted. We have been allowed to be in these lands even through the Duke has a strict policy of intruders according to the locals I have been talking to. I do not know why we are not being attacked and the locals are confused and suspicious of us because of it. If you should bring your war drums, all hell would break loose and then you will simply disappear and go back to your lands. Necromancy or no necromancy, the Duke has not used it against us and at least he keeps control over it. We may be a people set apart but within the lands, we must respect the laws even if we do not agree with them. If we do not like the laws, we may be able to find a way to change them. I do not think that blunt force is the answer since the lands have an innumerable army. We need to outsmart, not decimate. If fellow adventurers need your brute force, we will call on you.

Wounded Keranna, I know that you have not felt at peace since being ripped from your Gull Grok and that you were not welcomed back in Gaden. I feel that you are still mourning your separation from Gull Grok and have tried to find a second home in these lands. If your heart still yearns for your Gull Grok, and this would help heal your wounds, maybe we should try to seek him through the mysts. Your dreaming has let us into your world, mayhaps we can help to start healing. You are from Pratarak and it is a part of who you are, there is no denying it but as we work through this stage of adventuring, I pray that we can use that to help us understand the lands we are in but only if you are willing. As wounded as you are, it is a growing time as you figure out how move forward. I wish you peace.

Lady Johanna Brooks of Gaden



Your words and actions are sorrowful if not surprising. There is a disease in Ravensong, but one does not provide a curative by casting out or turning a blind eye to the diseased. My natural way is not that of the healer, but I will pick up this burden in your name, in honor of your service to both Old Gaden and the land itself. I regret that I did not have an opportunity to share memory with you before the calamitous fallout at market so that we may better See each other; when fate next has our paths cross in the mists, we must rectify that.


The skies weep to lose you, my fond friend. Of all others, you alone have shared memory and understand my oaths. The loss I feel is beyond words. Rest assured that the legacy of the River Prince is one more fetter I shall yoke over my shoulders to steer my path.

Now hear me, skies above that carry aloft my blood's lordly wings! Now hear me, land below that trembles at the majesty of my blood's talons! On this day I swear Blood Oath that nothing shall defile the safety and sanctity of Aida's Grove while my friend Baeleon Somerled, the River Prince, is absent from these lands seeking the First Forest. Any who try shall face the wrath of my cleansing blade Starfall, the inescapable judgement of my blade Dominion, the irresistible force of my Will, and the authority of my blood of the Lords of Sky and Earth.

Cupbearer Keranna,

You will always have a listening ear in my presence and an open seat at my table. The wind hears your pain. I hope one day to show you how to look through the darkness of that pain, to see that open doors with welcome hands beyond have always lain in its shadowed depths, and to see the weight you are consciously placing on your soul each time you call upon chaos so that you may bear that responsibility and burden with truly open eyes.

~Azeban, Guard of Ravensong
To maybe help you grasp what goes through my mind. I cherish family and home down to my very core. My first family was slaughtered and hunted over a false rumor. They were earth casters that wanted to be left alone but due to what many saw to be eire or shady, they were accused of being necromancers. No real rhyme or reason it was just because somebody had a “gut” feeling. I’ve seen adventures strike because they also had a “gut” feeling. So my escape was to Pratarak where I was picked up by a tribe of High Orcs. This tribe raised me as their own but those not of this tribe harassed me for being a human. So the tribe shamans trained me earth magic and how to use it for war against the corrupt. During my training, my brother was born. He latched on to me like moss to a rock, being a protective little snot. Though as he grew quick we became a team. Now he is gone and I must make a new home. Since he is gone there wasn’t much of a warm embrace with you lot, but the Duke accepted me and offered a home with everyone in Ravensong to be my new family. I count myself lucky to have all the people of these lands to fall back on knowing they won’t let me fall.

Lady Joanna

I appreciate the offer you extend to help find my little brother. Though it may be difficult due to the broken relationship with the Dark Elves. If we can mend that relationship and help Stellarin Greywing then maybe we can do something. Though I do thank you for the kindness you have shown to me and would even like to be a valued help to you.


I have taken a punishment for this, it was not my choice to give me the gift of life. Though in these lands I have done nothing wrong. Also, I could have ran and I didn’t. I could have hid but again I didn’t. I stood tall and proud full well knowing the only person's opinion on the matter would be smiling at me. If not going on a personal rampage because in his words just over a year ago. “No one touches my Corporal!”


I appreciate you coming to my defense, and over time I may come to trust you with my burdens. Though you must know I’ll never mean ill will on those that mean no harm. You are a good soul Asaban I can see that maybe in time I can see why Grull Grok called you friend.


Lady Joanna is right! You’d be a fool to bring your war drums full well knowing you’d just leave. I know what I did was wretched in your eyes but I have no doubt you’d cause more trouble for those who actually want to stay and help these people. Also, you don’t know me so do not judge me, as I don’t know you and will not judge you. Also, the way you talk about me I would not be surprised if you are one of the reasons why Matron Captain Ebony Greywing is upset with us.

If this helps you all. I honestly don’t know what his Grace will do. Here is what I do know. The Albatross family has a kind hand and soft heart to their people, but have an iron hand and cold heart to outsiders and those that come to do harm. So with that in mind, Lady Joanna is right it is weird the people of these lands have been so kind and his Grace didn’t just come down our throats.

-Keranna Cupbearer to his Grace


To forestall confusion and paranoia that may result from rumors of recent events, let the legal record be as follows.

Necromancy is permitted in Ravensong by sanctioned necromancers provided that its use does not stray out of the control exerted by the necromancer's anchor. These laws acknowledge that use of necromancy, while not forbidden under certain circumstances, is not to be taken lightly. A sanctioned necromancer was observed using necromancy twice against a monstrous plant creature. She stated that she was willing to accept judgment for her actions, and faced the thought of punishment with dignity and courage. She and her anchor both stated that she was not "out of control" during this, and that she only used this magic when she felt it absolutely necessary. However, a tactical assessment of the situation would demonstrate that necromancy was not warranted in this case, and that neither she nor those under her protection were likely to come to harm had she not resorted to such actions. Therefore, she was given a Death spell to acknowledge the weight of her responsibilities, but her Life restored before the point of resurrection.

Let her therefore stand absolved of all wrongdoing in the eyes of both Ravensong and Horizon, and let her actions thereafter speak for themselves.

If my liege Baron Petras or our ruler Duke Albatross disagrees with my judgment in this matter and sees fit to bring repercussions, let it rest on my head and mine alone--I hope that I will be permitted to accept all blame in this matter, if it comes to that.

We are walking a fine line here between our old ways and those of the new lands. Compromise may be necessary, but let us not forget our history. And despite appearances, we do not disagree that we have a duty to protect ourselves, the people of Horizon, and the people of Ravensong. Some of us think it best to leave Stream and Willow, and forge alliances with the other forces of the continent. They are right to believe this, and perhaps they can be a bridge among the forces on this continent. I wish them good fortune on their journey. Some of us think it best to stay here, and build relationships with Ravensong, and defend the friends we've made here. They are also right to do so, and I hope they succeed as well.

Like it or not, we have no solid intelligence on the character and intentions of Ravensong, good or ill. We can act only based on our knowledge of threats that exist within our sphere: the bloody berserkers, the winter horseman, the dark unicorn. In the meantime, I will be waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Sera Fiona Brynmare
Knight under Baron Petras
i must agree we can only act based on what we know of the surrounding area and from what we have learned so far it worries me, but if we were sent here by either chance or fate we should try to make the best of it. so i'll stay for now and help those that i can with either my sword or my forge!



Minnesota Staff

It seems I missed quite a bit while I was away last market. These are confusing times, in unfamiliar lands, with laws that make us feel unsafe. In times like these, with so much uncertainty, we need to hold to any solid ground we can find. We will not find this while constantly arguing about necromancy.

Let me ask you.

Is. It. Worth it?

I'm serious. These people you've known for months, years. Your FRIENDS. You're going to kill them, without a hint of remorse, for using magic that you disagree with? Is necromancy truly the only thing you care about when judging the moral value of someone?

People can do wrong with swords. People can do wrong with sky magic. People can even do wrong with their words. And yes. People can do wrong with necromancy.

All of these things can be used for good though. Even necromancy. From what I heard, Keranna used necromancy to fight some monstrous plants, and you all decided to kill her because you didn't believe the situation called for it. Since when do any of us deserve the right to decide what is necessary in a situation?

Adventurers have robbed tombs, killed families, murdered people over petty inconveniences, and does anyone bat an eye? And now, just because someone uses necromancy to fight a monstrous plant, now suddenly you feel like you need to take the 'moral high ground' and tell them it was unnecessary? And kill them for it? What kind of skewed justice is that? I understand you're only acting on what you feel is right, but you have to understand they are too.

We need to take a step back, and ask ourselves if this is all worth it. Is it worth it to kill one another, the ones who have stood by our sides through it all? Is it worth it to have division among friends while were struggling to live in these new lands?

And to all the necromancers. Dont think you're completely in the right here either. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should do something. It's legal, yes. And maybe you dont think there is anything wrong with it. That's okay. Hold to your convictions. But if you know that it makes your friends uncomfortable, if you know it will upset people, please, I ask you to take it easy. If your intentions are to show them it's not all that bad, you're not going to accomplish it this way. If you're fueled by curiosity, I ask you to practice where you wont cause anger and division.

Sera Fiona, I have always respected you, respected your word. You show great leadership, but please, dont let your hatred for necromancy be your only guide.

Asher, you as well, have always held high respect in my eyes, and not for your title, but for your actions. I understand your decision to step down from nobility, and I understand your desire to leave these lands and never look back. But like others have said, like you have even said, we have the power to shape this land, we have the power to fix things. If we run now, I fear we will find a pattern in it. We did not save Gaden by running away when things were undesirable. We sure won't do any good by running now.

Baeleon, it saddens me to see you hopeless to the point of leaving. You have always been a beacon to us, new and old alike. I understand your reasons, I understand things seem bleak, I hope we can all find a way to act as one again, to act as friends, as a family. I hope when, and if you return, that is what you return to.

I apologize greatly if I came off rude, or hard. My intentions are not to cause guilt or to cast blame. Just.. friends. In a land where we are unwelcome, where we have to constantly tread carefully, and hold our tongues, the only family we have is each other. We can't let this come between us. We have to stay together, stay strong. We've lost so many already.

- Elros
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while i did not see Keranna cast this necromancy , i will not voice any judgement in this area, though i personally do not like it, as for those living here too much time has past for me to fully understand what has occurred to change things from what i remember. but i will try to help those as best as i can and perhaps learn more about this land.



Necromancers. Necromancers never change.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but having left the Forsaken as smoking boots on the field and seen the Corrupt Lords' so-called good intentions nearly destroy the land in hordes of necromantic constructs, I'd be leery of any lord who feels they need an army of the undead to 'secure the safety of their people'. That is a story that ends in someone catching a bad case of dirt naps. If you're lucky, that happens before the necromancers decide dying is too much trouble for them and feel the urge for 'self improvement' of the kind that requires ritual intervention, or start seeing the populace they're 'protecting' as ambulatory snacks.

Good luck. I'd offer help, but my hands are full with a horde of undead who've driven thousands out to starve as refugees at the bidding of a lich, because some things never change.