Whispers of a Meeting


As some of you may know, I own a teahouse in the capital of Evodia. As such, occasionally I overhear things and I thought this particular tidbit might be good for everyone to know:

The Duke Hendry Van Daalen of the Central Territory is going to making a visit soon to the Coalition leadership, along with the Emissary of the Duchess of the Western Territory. The Coalition hopes to use the armies of the Central Territories in order to fight the North and the Royalists. If talks are successful and they manage to combine the forces of the Western and Central territories, it should hopefully result in fewer casualties when overthrowing the Royalists and shorten the length of overall war.

If this happens during this upcoming market day I highly suggest that we do what we can to facilitate this meeting. I know nothing of the character of the Duke or Duchess personally but it would be prudent to keep an eye on the proceedings.

-Auryn Fairhorn