Who Can Read the In Game Forums?

Alliance South Michigan has added an additional forum called "Public Notices."

We've decided to add this forum as a place where PCs and NPCs have access to post and read In Game messages.
We've also kept our other In Game forum and renamed it "The Tavern." The Tavern will be a forum reserved only for PCs. No NPC will be able to post, read, reply to, or otherwise interact with that forum.

The primary reason for this change is to encourage our Players to make use of the forums to interact between events. We feel that the forums can be a useful tool for Players to plan, trade, and simply get to know one another better, in that pesky downtime between when we can get out and actually play. We do not want Players avoiding the forums out of concern that their enemies will use the information in the forums to harm them.

Please note we will include a Sticky'd message in each of the In Game Forums to remind Players who is able to read and post in those forums.

Also, note that posting in the Public Notices forum in an effort to contact a particular NPC does not guarantee that your message will reach your target or that the NPC will provide you with a response.

We hope that you enjoy this additional tool and clarification of our policy
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