Whoa! Terrific game, great group of players.

I played XR for the first time this weekend. This post is more for curious travelers than the locals, as nothing I say will surprise the regular players there.

So! here it is. Their permanent site is on a gorgeous stretch of land (note: for sleeping, it's camping or a nearby hotel for now, but I know building cabins are on the roadmap, I personally love camping though, so this was a great bonus for me). They've also built out a tavern that most chapters only dream of because it's a permanent spot for them. GREAT immersion. They also play deep into Sunday (stopping around 2:30-3:00, which is kinda rare these days, and a lot of fun to budget that Saturday skill reset).

Most importantly, the players and staff are incredibly friendly and the plot was very engaging. I can't recommend it enough to anyone that's been curious.