Wild Elf Cultures


Are there any existent wild elf cultures that are jungle-environment-based? I have an idea for a character, but am not sure there is a place she would fit. If there is one, I'd love to know about it. Thanks a bunch!


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I don't know of any elves that are jungle based, I know HQ has a packet that's Hawaiian or Polynesian-based, but I can't remember if its elves or mwes... you might look into that and see if your idea can be tweaked and a history written to explain the cultural heritage if it's a mwe packet.

(Peter: If she has an idea for a character and wants to know if there's a packet out there, there's nothing wrong with asking other players. If she'd said "Persian" I'd have directed her to the Asheville chspter's elf/stone elf/dark elf packets, or African I'd have told her about New Jersey's sarr packet, and she could have written a history that involved one elf parent who left/died/disappeared and being raised by her sarr parent. The possibilities can be endless when we're all willing to contribute to someone else's ideas or hopes :) )


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I was thinking about something similar myself.


If no wild elf culture like this exists, is there a chapter running around that wouldn't mind something like this idea being written into a packet for them? I'm quite willing to share, just don't wanna step on any toes.


I worked a much more tribal and less Native American approach into the Deadlands wild elves. Seeing as there are actually jungles in the Deadlands, they'd probably work with you on it.


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Alliance Gettysburg has a couple of tribes that could easily be at home in jungles... the Crocodile (which is PCable), and the Asp (who are not currently available to PCs for several reasons) immediately come to mind, though several of the others could work well also.