Winter Actions

This winter the HQ Plot Team is planning another series of short fictional works, much like last year’s Fall of Falkirk.

This winter’s theme delves into the current affairs of the Galanthian Conflict, the Falkirk Resistance, and the Rise of Imladar and Thessi.

The Galanthian Conflict:

The weak fat of mortality continues to shed from the armies of North Galanthia. The surviving undead houses have consolidated their Senate in the ruins of Starkenstein. They rebuild Galanthia in the mold left by the shadow of Matros Lochaber to form a perfect, Imperial state. It is only a matter of time before their fanatical human legions are ready to assault the Western Border of Corrheim yet again. Luckily, the Kor'Rin have already been proving their worth to Ashbury through their equally fanatical defense.

The South Galanthians find purchase in the fertile lands of the delta and of Old Lempur, but the uncountable waves of walking corpses and the insidious infiltrations of North Galanthian agents make life difficult. Can Lord Inquisitor Sandral Corradone protect the rebirth of his beloved nation in the face of such odds?

The Falkirk Resistance:

Though Tranquis has been destroyed and the warlord Gavin Ross has been dispatched, there is much work left to do in the north. Ogres still rampage across the rocky land of Falkirk and the clans still war amongst themselves for survival. Castle Sterling has become a bastion in that storm, with the help of the Baronies of Ashbury.
What is next for the brave denizens of Falkirk?

The Thessian Stand-off

With the acquisition of Brittington, the naval supremacy of the Daralassia, and the construct armies found deep below the Imladari mountains, Imladar stands to become the top benevolent force in southern Tar’Navaria.

However, the island empire of Thessi has had a renaissance of its own. Given fifteen years of uninterrupted magical, political, and military growth Thessi’s Emperor Bernd Thrommel desires to hotly contest Queen Celwen’s claim to power.

It is without a doubt that Icenia would oppose the slave-owning necromancers of Thessi, but Thessi developed countermeasures for their old foe: The Duchy of Ashbury.

Our plan is to allow PCs to choose from one of two options:

1.) Role in the Narrative. You may choose to have a role in one of the above three places. This option brings you under the control of the author of the particular narrative. We shall do our best to provide the best treatment of character for anyone who participates.
2.) Five Actions. You may pursue five actions as per normal submissions.

The deadline for your choice is New Year’s Day, the deadline for actions is March 1st.