Wolfkin Ears

So I went through a crapload of paper testing design after design but I think I finally hit on one I like.

https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/D ... directlink

Of course there'll be fur on them (and they'll actually be sewn into a combination wig/furmask) and if I feel really crazy I'm going to make the inside latex so it really looks realistic. Now I just have to figure out how to wear a hat with them lol!

BTW that face is a combination of a plaster cast of my face inside of a duct tape dummy of my face. Don't ask me how I made both of those with no assistance because I doubt I could pull it off again.


Oregon Staff
I actually did up 6 pairs for Oregon Alliance & used this site's design.


I did up a few paper ones to get the right size & angles.

A few tricks is cutting the fur so you are just getting through the fabric & not the fur on the fabric. I used an Exacto Heavy Duty knife and a quilting cutting pad.
When sewing, you have to take it slow & constantly move the fur as much as you can out of the way so that you are focusing on the fabric to fabric. Then take a soft tooth comb to get the few stray fur strands out.
Oh I've sewn fur plenty of times. Just deciding how much fur I want on the inside. I'm going to make most of the inside out of latex.
Something fun you can do with fake fur is if it's nice fur, with upper/lower strands, you can give it a haircut. That way you can have long whispy fur where the ears meet your head, and thinner softer hair at the top.

I recommend using scissors for it, not a razor -has learned this from hard experience-

If you want to be super OCD about it that is...

Anyways, just something fun you may want to try.