Wolfkin face painting.


Hi all.
I hope I'm in the right spot but I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I'm dong my first event this weekend going as a timber Wolfkin scout. nd while I have an amazing half mask and ears made by northfur I have no idea how to paint my face up enough do do the peices justice. Does anyone have any pics or links they could share?

Thanks a bunch
OOG. Shawn W ( the wonder newb :) )
ING. Phelan Marrok.
Wolf kin scout


Oregon Staff
Only photos I have of mine are from my 1st event (and it was pretty poor compared).

The makeup will depend upon what you are doing. White, black, gray, mix?

Now, I do white or light gray around the eyes, darker gray around the forehead and cheeks, then black nose and some stippling. I take a wolf photo to the event and basically try to do it in similar patterns.


Hey Shawn. My suggestion would be to check with Candace this weekend. She's playing a Sarr, but has some great make-up skills. I'm sure she'd be happy to give you a hand. Cory might be able to help you out too as he did up his Sarr at Nationals and our last event. Candice is Harlequin on these forums in our section.