Work Day at Tanadoona, March 31st!

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
Hey folks,

Come on out to Camp Tanadoona and help us clean up the site on March 31st!

We occasionally hold these work days at the site, since they help us have a cleaner and better to use site, as well as they can actually help lower the rent we pay to use the site. Hanging out with your LARPer friends, trimming paths, pulling out invasive-species of plants, and whatever else, is actually a lot of fun! Make sure to wear clothes you won't find getting dirty.

We believe we'll be on site somewhere from around 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. You will receive 60 goblin stamps for helping out, so there's another added perk!

Let us know if you'll be coming out, and we'd love to have a good crowd show up to clean and to show our appreciation for the Tanadoona site for letting us hold our events there.

Folks coming, that we know of:
1. David G.
2. Adric F.
3. Ryan Bu.
4. Alexander T.
5. Paige H.


Awesome, I'll totally be able to show up to help. I'm glad I don't have work that day, sign me up.

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
Hey folks!

The workday is THIS weekend!

So, let us know if you're coming! We'd love to have a big crowd come out!
Wish I could! But I'll be at Detour. Sorry guys! :/
I am too far away or I would.


Can't, Possible Mandatory Saturday, they're making me cancel all my plans because I MIGHT have to come in. That and I kinda live too far away :/


I know a number of people are coming that haven't posted, but i want to encourage folks to come out, it's generally a good amount of fun and helps us keep costs down.

We'll also be having a dice off at the end of the work day for the below LCO item!

Description - Green Glass 'Dew Drop'
Name - Petrified Sap from the Autumn Woods.
*Artifact* - This means it can't leave SoMN
1/day Cloak Alteration
Expires 10/1/12

-The Slowly flowing sap can be mixed with water to create 2 cure light wounds potions per logistics.
- Duration can be extended by feeding the dew drop with melted copper, should the duration exceed 5 years, the nature of this item will shift dramatically.


Looks like I can make it, looking forward to some good hard work with my favorite peeps!