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¿Can a Workshop owned by Player A be used (with consent) by Player B during a Logistics Period if it hasn't already been used by Player A? This is assuming the Workshop has not been modified by Workplace of Convenience. Relevant ARB passages below.

These workshops are personal in nature and can only used by one person per day. Your workshop tag will list your character’s name and the location of the workshop, as well as a unique ID for the workshop which must be written down when going to a Crafting Station.
ARB pg 36 (emph mine)

A workshop can be sold or loaned to another character but can never be used by more than one character per Logistics period. In other words, you cannot use the workshop, sell it to
someone else, and then have the buyer use that same workshop on the same day. The new owner must wait until the next Logistics period.
ARB pg 37 (emph mine)

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The two emphasized items are not in conflict.
The first indicates that a workshop can only be used by one person in a given Logistics Period.
The second indicates that that person can change from one LP to the next.
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