Worried your dreams are being listened in on? - Don't!


The SoMN Plot staff for 2017, would like to make a clear note, that any npc that hears a dream or will consider that information within that dream will be revealed in a post of some type within that dream.

Furthermore SoMN Plot staff is committed to having our npcs be informed via in game (non-dream means) and we take pains not to use player dream communication against them. So unless you invite an NPC into a dreaming, you can rest assured they'll gather their information the old fashioned way.

Remember though! NPCs have their own resources, ears, visions and lore rituals, so while they might not eavesdrop on your dreams, that doesn't mean all secrets are easy to keep!


Chicago Staff
Does this also apply for 2018 season? In example of say, spreading the wealth of information collected from Amon Sune to adventurers who may not of overheard or weren't at the last event? (of course I'd never out our new Quelie host publicly :) )