Would anyone be interested in a costume construction party?


So anyone who's LARPed with me over the past few years knows I have a fairly high costume turnover rate for my character Auryn. Not everyone knows that I sew most of it myself, on a budget using material I've gotten from couponing, sales, and secondhand stores. I was wondering if anyone would we willing to learn how to sew if I taught them? Starting with simpler stuff like salwar pants (for example: https://www.deviantart.com/eqos/art/Pattern-Large-Salwar-197965598) contstructed from thrift store bedsheets and going from there, most likely. We can even add pockets to the pants, or make cloaks or pouches or something. I own a few sewing machines if y'all can't bring one.

Honestly, I'm kind terrible at describing stuff and the technical terms and I teach more through doing, or I'd post tutorials and stick them here if there was interest.


Color me interested.


Awesome! I can see if I can get a day off sometime in the future where we could get together and work. I'm usually free in the evening after 5 most days but this week I'm a little busier than usual.


Not really my jam due to distance, but a good idea.

Salwar/wrap pants and a basic gusseted T-tunic go a long way towards making good looking basic gear that's more clothes than costume.


The other hugely important thing to looking/feeling right I can recommend to people is layers. Almost every pre-modern era is big on undershirts and jackets. Rather than just running a tunic, make two out of different lighter weight fabric, one with narrower sleeves to be the undertunic.
interesting though i do have a pretty good outfit going, i would be willing to help others depending on the date and time, my work keeps me busy most weekdays.


Depends on the day I could use some help with the sewing on some armour I'm making.


Is there particular times/days that work well for people? I can ask for the time off to set up and help y'all out.