WTB - Armor, lots of it


We want to add armor to our list of supplies we vend. Anyone have thoughts on a wholesaler of faux armor that would be appropriate?



This might be a bit above budget, but ThinkGeek sells a Chainmail T-Shirt that I use for my SElf Scholar. It was pointed by Vandlar Staff as 14 points of armor. Weighs 20lb and very well distributed across the area. The rings are soft Al though, so each person will need to nit-and-pick rings off depending on body structure. (I didn't do this and around 15 rings in my neck area popped because I have The Rockies for shoulders.) It does come with a packet of 35 loose rings if you're a bit small for the size or just lose rings.


Wish I could help you there, but I have yet to see any mass-produced armor worth the name. Most of the decent stuff is still craftsman-made, and as such expensive due to the amount of labor required. The closest thing to mass-produced armor that would hold up at all to wear I've encountered is ringmesh's chainmail, but that has a rather massive outlay to get the machinery and parts to build it, and hence is also expensive. Theoretically, you might be able to contact them and see if they run a discounted rate for wholesalers or such.