Yalla, Romani! From me familia to yours!

Flyaway Bird

To all Romani of every land,

This is a wee bit funny coming on the heels of Kostantinos' invitation, but me familia and I are organising of something similar. In the lands of Caldaria, the town of Badril's Rest, in the moon of August of this year, there will be a gather of adventuring types. I invite all Romani, from roads and crossways near and far, to join me familia at this gather for a true Roma celebration! On Saturday the 22nd of this gather, apres sundown, me familia will be meeting outside the tavern by the lake and we invite all Romani and friends of Romani. I have been promised plentiful wine and ale and I will promise to you instruments, song and dance, and limitless laughter.

Come, my cousins! Let us show the gaje how to truly enjoy life! If you are planning to join us at our soiree, please to inform me so I know what elements you bring. All are welcome!

It is with some sadness that Kostantinos and I are not able to combine our efforts into one grand fete. We are encourage everyone to attend both, if possible, in true Romani fashion: from one party to the next! Me familia will be attempting to travel to Laerthan but the Mists are toujours fickle. Kostantinos, mon cher cousin, I wish you great joy in your gathering!

Remember, cousins: it is in the areas of greatest darkness that colour is most needed. Badril's Rest is not safe; it is, as they say, a "theatre of hostilities". The same is said of Kostantinos' gather at the Hollow. Laerthan, known as the Deadlands, is a place of great danger. Let us come together to bring light et beauty to these places once again. I wish all my cousins safety in their travels and strength in their gathers.

Avec un coeur qui chante au monde,
~Irina Rosa Trista Naveed Ionesco Belwing Maitane
Rajnah, Maitane familia