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  1. Dear Residents of Horizon,
    Baron Petrus and his barony has been selected to host court that would be fit for His Grace Duke Albatross. His Grace wishes this noble court to be a time of congratulations for Sir Knight Fionna on her rise to her new glorious and honorable station, and to give a gracious nod to the Cup Bearer Keranna. The Countess Redfield and her bodyguard shall be attending along with other nobility from Ravensong. During this time we do enjoy competition and would enjoy to see some friendly competition between the residents. The food itself shall be a battle ground, the Redfields wishes to tastes your best sweets, we also will see strength & dexterity at its hight and we wish to see your charisma shine through you brightly.

    - Mr.Crane
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  2. satsukirebel

    satsukirebel Scholar Minnesota Staff

    One normally expects to see some small bit of excitement when invited to a celebratory affair. Perhaps the new adventurers of the region would prefer a more somber event, befitting their enthusiasm?

    - Countess Arabella Redfield
  3. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Knight Chicago Staff Marshal

    I’m am sure as the date gets closer that the excitement will be in full swing Countess Redfield.

    I certainly plan to whip up something for the occasion.

    - Cass
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  4. Zihr

    Zihr Newbie

    Mr ... Crane is it? I assume you're a representative of His Grace. I wish to reserve a place at the high table as a show of respect and honor for my Lord Arken Silverleaf even though I doubt he will have time to attend. Shall I make arrangements with you?

    ~Cupbearer Zihr of House Husky
  5. Azeban

    Azeban Newbie

    My Lady Countess,

    Rest assured the adventurers are a boisterous and celebratory lot who will infuse court with their joie de vivre. I suspect you, your retinue, and the other nobility of Ravensong will find us both welcoming and entertaining. The battlefield will be beset by a most puissant, ancient delicacy of Bomae... I could say more, but I prefer to let my culinary arsenal speak for itself.

    - Azeban
  6. It shall not be a problem. We will add a spot for him at the high table as an honorary guest. We would not see it as a slight if he doesn't show, we already know he is trying to build a new home and have sent out some trained labor's to speed up the process. Consider it a gift from His Grace.

    - Mr.Crane
  7. asura

    asura Newbie

    Mr. Crane,

    Thanks for the invitation. I’m excited and eager to attend the festivities. I’d be sure to bring something sweet and tasty. How do you feel about chocolate? I met with a man a few years back in a disitant land. He had taught me a thing or two about chocolate.

    -Peter Dhugan
  8. Peter,
    Chocolate would be delightful

    - Mr.Crane
  9. Auryn

    Auryn Newbie

    Is it only a desert competition this year, or shall we also make foodstuffs? I have a few new entrees I wish to try in preparation for the banquet, but I do not know whether to make dinner or desert. Either way, I'm looking forward to trying everyone's food!
  10. Dear Auryn,
    If you wish to make dinner we will not stop you though it will not be judged as part of the competition.

    - Mr.Crane
  11. Auryn

    Auryn Newbie

    Thanks, Mr. Crane! I think I'll make desert.
  12. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Knight Chicago Staff Marshal

    It occcured to me nothing quite goes well with desserts than drinks to wash it down with!

    I’ll have beverages available of various custom varieties for 3 silver a cup.

    Raspberry Infused Lemonade
    Ginger Ale
    Root Ale

    Specialty drinks available for 5 silver. Includes crafted drinks with different flavors and syrups.

    - Cass
  13. Ladeon

    Ladeon Newbie

    I think I'll be bringing the same dessert I brought last year! (I'm a one trick pony, but it did seem that people enjoyed it!)

  14. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Knight Chicago Staff Marshal

    I hope this gathering was to your liking. While I understand we are all strong willed, I hope no offense was given or implied.

    I look forward to this partnership.

    Lord Asher Oakheart

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