Your Stories for a Song?


To all my adventuring friends but especially those who lived the violent battles against bleak ⸴

As we all know dragonfall is approaching again ⸴ and with it opportunities for fellowship ⸴ creativity ⸴ competition ⸴ and performance ⸴ in order to honour the kingdom ⸴ the adventuring community ⸴ and the brave warriors who stood against the great wyrm ·

It was suggested to me that i might compose a ballad about the final fight against the dragon to submit in this year's bardic competition · While ideally i would have kept this as a pleasant surprise for all of you ⸴ i am woefully lacking in the details of your final conflicts since i was living out in the unhindered lands at the time · And so i turn to you with hope ⸴ asking ⸴ would some of you will be willing to share your recollections of the battles and the final victory ፧

Had this idea been proposed to me sooner ⸴ or if i was not engaged in my personal work elsewhere ⸴ i would gladly while away as many market days as i could simply taking in your tales · Since time and distance do not allow this ⸴ if you are willing to assist me ⸴ please send me messages at the kyngeshead in onothera ⸴ or here if you do not mind other adventurers seeing your stories ·

I am not seeking an historian's objective account of the battle ⸴ but rather your own points of view and your own feelings ⸴ and what you witnessed and participated in · It matters not if your stories are not the same ⸴ for it is all part of the same saga told in many pieces ⸴ and i am honoured to be able to do my part in memorialising the epic for all those who come after us ·

Blessings of my ancestors and yours ⸴ as always ⸴
your friend and cousin ⸴
እላሪኦነ ዲሆርሷ ራሚለ ኤረጠደሪመ
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