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My name is William Haddon, and I am an owner of a short-run LARP in Colorado called Hollow Dawn. We have a player who has requested to play who was apparently banned by Alliance San Francisco, and I was hoping to have a short conversation to see if we should ban the player as well, or if it was more of a local issue.

Thank you for your reply,
Hubby and I are looking to return from Larp hiatus and adulting. Looking forwards to adventuring in new alliance lands soon!
Hello everyone. Hope all is well. I am new in town just came from the northwest region. Also came with my life partner her name is Alinia. We are Freelanced Spellswords hoping to help and meet new friends.
I'm calm and collected and then the guitar solo for Through the Fires and Flames comes on and I lose my mind. :D :D
Just moved to NYC and can't wait to get to know all the East Coast Chapters!!
So how active is this community? Anyone from Minnesota? I was looking into getting into LARP but I keep hearing about these huge expensive endeavors and I want to start small and local.
Pretty active usually I would say. Are you talking about the weekend events as the huge expensive endeavors?
Very active. Typically the different chapters have Facebook and Discord communities you could get involved with. I know the Minnesota chapter has been hosting events.