n many game systems, the way to earn Experience Points is to kill monsters. In fact, some games only allow you to use your real out-of-game skills when fighting. This means that the biggest toughest athletes always get to be the best heroes in the game, while those of us who are of a more normal body type end up merely being their followers.

It is a fantasy game which means that (as the slogan says) you can “Be all That You Can’t Be.” Your character can “learn” skills to make him or her a better fighter despite your out-of-game skills (or lack thereof)!

So you don’t have to only be a fighter to advance in this truly roleplaying system. In fact, many of the most powerful characters in the game are the merchants, gamblers, and entertainers.┬áMetagame – Autumn 1995

I must admit I had some trepidation about playing my first boffer LARP. I was afraid the entire weekend would be spent in endless combat with little to no roleplaying. I am happy to report that I was more than pleasantly surprised.

The players and NPCs I met took playing their character very seriously and most stayed “in game” for herculean periods of time. The NPCs provided nonstop action from morning to very late at night. I’d also like to note that as a newbie I never once felt shunned or received any attitude from the more veteran players.

While combat is important in the game, a player’s roleplaying and problem-solving skills are the keys to your overall success. As a player you must quickly learn that many NPCs have valuable, if not critical, information, so you must think before you kill.

I highly recommend the Ashbury campaign for any LARPer who wishes to breathe fresh air without sacrificing good roleplay. ┬áMetagame – Autumn 1998