Dominion Gains in Trellheim Reversed;

Strange Artifact Recovered


On Friday the 15th of September, the Adventurers of Ashbury gathered in the town of Deathwatch in the estate of Dara’s Grace in answer to His Grace’s call to action on the Trellhiem border.

As the Ashbans began to orient themselves with the town a troop of Ducal Soldiers led by Commander Durean approached to speak with the nobility.

Rumors had abounded that the Dominion had been active in the area, and Durean seemed to be acting strangely so Baron Rorii demanded that the Commander drink an enslavement antidote. W

hen Durean and his men refused, an intense verbal argument began with the nobles demanding that Durean submit. Meanwhile a few of Durean’s officers were surreptitiously knocked unconscious and soon the Ashbans were able to subdue the Commander himself.

After forcing an antidote down Durean’s throat and bringing him to consciousness, the Commander and his men immediately apologized and explained that their check post had been overrun by the Dominion and that he and his officers had been enslaved. Durean assured the Ashbans that they would be able to secure the command post and cure those still there.

He also reported that the Dominion questioned him and his men at length about a great stone wheel with arcane markings that is supposedly in the area, but the soldiers knew nothing about it.

The following day the Dominion further demoralized the Ashbans by having their gryphons scoop up random commoners and drop them in the center of Deathwatch from a great height. As commoners rained down upon the Ashbans, the calls for healing and life spells immediately went out. Some of the Ashbans cursed the Dominion’s strategy, complaining that it required the Ashbans to waste life spells on the commoners. Others argued that curing the commoners was the only choice that could possibly be made.

The commoners were clearly frightened and were escorted to the Ducal Barracks by Man-At-Arms Ignatius Skippio and Recruit Aven. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to the duty conscious pair, the Barracks too had fallen to the Dominion and the duo were captured and enslaved.

They too were questioned at length about a stone wheel with arcane markings and ordered to be on the lookout for it before being sent back to Deathwatch. Fortunately it was noticed that they were acting strangely, and they were cured.

That night the Ashbans gathered and under the command of Squire Koshinara marched to retake the ducal barracks. They found many enslaved ducal soldiers and a vast horde of undead, including a large and powerful undead that could spawn several lesser undead at will.

The ducal soldiers were subdued and cured and the undead destroyed.

The following day reports came in that a Dominion encampment had been discovered. Apparently the Dominion had found the stone wheel they sought and set up a hasty encampment near it.

The Ashbans marched to meet them under the leadership of Baron Rorii of the Ash Forest and Baron Indorian of Blythedale.

The Ashbans arrived to find a biata mage in a circle of power around the stone wheel. She began to taunt the Ashbans, claiming that the power from the wheel would grant the Dominion enough power to crush Icenia. She then began to draw enormous power from the wheel, but something clearly went wrong. An intense burst of magical energy blasted forth, contained in the circle.

The Dominion mage was protected from it and continued her magical task, but a second burst exploded forth, obliterating the mage and leaving behind naught but a pile of charred, smoldering clothes.

With that, the Ashbans assaulted the camp, clashing furiously with the Dominion and the several enslaved gryphons they controlled. Baron Indorian quickly erected his own Circle of Power around the stone to prevent the Dominion from getting at it.

The battle was fierce, with wild gryphons attacking Ashbans with enough strength to topple buildings and even gentle healers like Dame Glorianna Wyndancer and Town Guardsman Ahurak casting using their arcane powers to bring death to the creatures of the Dominion.

The evil getragen, realizing that they were defeated, called a retreat and fled from the field. Some Ashbans chased them down and cut down straggling enemies, but several escaped.

As of this writing, Commander Durean has agreed to requisition a circle of power scroll to secure the strange stone wheel until it could be examined. Guildmaster Cedric Fruvous of the Sage’s Guild said that he would be willing to donate a Lore scroll to determine the magical functions of the artifact, but that after seeing it obliterate the Dominion mage that he was not willing to perform the ritual himself.

Offer of Alliance met with Violence Because of Undead Leader


The Oran Getragen, one of the five races of biata who call themselves Getragen that were awakened last spring, sent a delegation to discuss a possible alliance with Icenia against the Dominion.  Talks turned into a battle as Baron Rorii called for the arrest of their leader, the Great Khemutay, once it was discovered that Khemutay was an undead creature.    

Some months back, Sellessor Kor (the so called “Purple Elder”) asked for this meeting, requesting Hospitality for his leader who wished to come to parley.   He stressed that his leader, the Great Khemutay, never leaves his home city and that his people are steeped in deep, long lasting traditions. 

Last month he arrived in Death Watch with a small contingent of armed biata again affirming that his leader was coming and confirming hospitality.  The ranking nobles, Baron Indorian and Baron Rorii gave him Hospitality on the conditions that no one in the delegation would murder anyone, or cast necromancy.  

 An hour later marching to drum beats in a procession the primarily orange, purple, and black-feathered biata carried a covered litter and called out as they marched into the town of Death Watch.   As the procession halted, each of the armed guards kneeled pressing their foreheads to the ground, and a carpet inscribed with multiple colored circles was unrolled.   Upon their arrival, the Romani healer Natalia offered gifts of food and water to the beleaguered soldiers, as the Adventurers and gathered nobles looked on with interest.  A herald spoke for the delegation:   

All hail.   

It is my honor to present the supreme ruler of the Oran

Head Chancellor over the council of the living and the dead. 

He who led us to the great Southern Stadstien.

The first and greatest of our Immortal Ancients.

He who rose from the dead to rule us forever and protect the Getragen.

All hail Great Khemutay! 

Great Khemutay stepped out of the litter and was himself covered in bright purple robes, a mass of orange feathers could be seen, but not much else as he was heavily cowled and veiled, and curiously enough, wore an ornate masquerade style mask.  

Great Khemutay spoke not directly but through his herald and offered aid in the form of 6000 troops and armaments for them.   He vowed that they would follow all military laws and obligations and that his troops have extensive experience in fighting the Dominion and knowledge of Dominion tactics.  He stated that he would place them fully under Icenian control, the only stipulation being that they were not to be separated from their units.  He asked for nothing in return for this.

Baron Rorii seemed about to agree to these terms when he asked that Great Khemutay remove his mask.  Apparently this caused quite a stir among the Oran, and the hearald demanded that it not be – but Great Khemutay whispered orders to his herald and his herald commanded his men to look away.  

What was revealed was the burning eyes, sunken and dried flesh of an undead mummy.  When asked about his seemingly undead appearance, the herald said that no necromancy was used to transform Great Khemutay – but that this was the same “Immortal Ancient” that had led the Oran to their homestone 20,000 years before the One laid them all to rest. 

There was what can only be described as bickering between the Elven Baron and the Herald over whether or not Khemutay was, in fact, undead.  The herald pulled Baron Rorii off to the side as the adventurers looked on.   

Whatever was said was not revealed to this reporter, but shortly thereafter Baron Rorii ordered the arrest of Great Khemutay.  At this, the herald ordered his men to attack.               

During the battle, the elite warriors showed much battle prowess, but were defeated by a huge numerical advantage. 

Khemutay was heard to order his men to cast no necromancy not even to heal himself, and to obey the laws of the Icenians even as he himself cut several Adventurers down with bursts of elemental power.  

He shouted that he had been granted Hospitality and that Icenia had no honor and no right to attack him.  He said that the Oran had not broken the terms of Hospitality and that this was an unprovoked act.  

He eventually recalled his spirit from the battlefield leaving behind the strange mask.   

Murmurs that honor had been lost because the Icenian Nobles violated hospitality swept through the crowd of onlookers, and voices shared concern that yet another foe had been added to Ashbury’s growing list.

Said one onloooker, “No Alliance with undead, sure. But couldn’t we have just let them walk away?” 

Others stated that no undead should be allowed anything other than a swift destruction.  

Meanwhile, some of the faces of the Oran soldiers were cut off, say some witnesses, the ornate rug and a small chest were stolen, and the litter set to fire.

As of this writing, nothing further from the Oran has been heard.    


Celestial Light Spell Discovered


by Oliver Nirab

The Ashbury Mage’s Guild has announced that a joint expedition led by the Ashbury Mage’s Guild and the Ashbury Sage’s Guild has discovered a celestial version of the Light spell. This comes as especially good news as the Earth version ceased functioning approximately a year ago.

The expedition was led by Cedric Fruvous, the head of the Sage’s Guild and a senior guildsman in the Mage’s Guild, and consisted of Aria Devonshire (also a Sage’s Guild member and Senior Guildsman of the Mage’s Guild), Cuar Hyanda of the Sage’s Guild, Sir Ivan Drake of Blythedale and the Sage’s Guild, Kerrigwen Melite of Blythedale, and Squire Ulthoc of the Court of Nordenn. 

Recently Guildmaster Cedric located notes on the creation of a celestial Light spell from one of the towers of Penthanthos. Obviously the archmage was attempting to unlock the formula for such a spell before he died.

Using the fabled Map of Penthanthos, the expedition traveled to the remains of another of the archmage’s towers located in the Plains of Rage. After fighting their way past several still active golems and a magical enchantment on the plants that had grown on the remains of the tower the group entered the ruins. Inside they found many papers and notes that crumbled to dust when touched, but one of the lone surviving pieces of parchment revealed the key to unlocking the spell.

Upon returning, Cedric, Aria and Mage’s Guildmistress Lizarra Trynn utilized the notes unlocked the spell.

Transcriptions of the spell are now available in the Ashbury Mage’s Guild.



Trolls Attack Deathwatch


The trolls of the Bloody Eye clan came into Deathwatch as dusk fell recently, claiming the land as their own.

Their leader, a large troll by the name of Grex Tal, also challenged the adventurer known as Andros the Red of the Stormblades to honor combat, apparently because of an incident in the past.

While the adventurers were defending themselves against the onslaught of trolls, Sir Harrison, Commander Durean and another ducal soldier by the name of Julia arrived. When the initial attack subsided, they informed Barons Rorii and Indorian that three outposts of trolls had been discovered, and once news of this defeat reached them, they would converge and attack the town as a whole.

The decision was made to form three squads of the adventurers to attach each of these outposts before this could happen. The outposts were well fortified, and battering rams were required to break into them. Though once the doors were breached, the adventurers were then met with walls of sheilds as the trolls defended their fort.

Smaller groups were also dispatched to enter through a small gap in the walls, by way of a grappling hook. This proved the perfect distraction to allow the adventurers fighting at the door to push their way through.

Though trolls still inhabit the area, it seems it will be some time before they can mount a large scale attack.


Squires Tested


Sources indicate that squires throughout the duchy are receiving more extensive training and testing.  “I can confirm that we have been asked to provide actors for recent examinations,” said Torsen Glypher, a professor at the Bardic College in Ashbury.   

Duke Frost Vardik recently tasked Sir Ivan Drake of Blythedale with overseeing the squire’s education and the knight has apparently responded quickly.  It is said that Sir Ivan recruited the help of Sir Eros Clearbrook who is the longest tenured Paladin in Ashbury and together they have implemented an extensive program.  Sources indicate that the squires have been attending mandatory meetings to discuss the Code of Chivalry in a round table forum and that more formal tests have already occurred.  

Corporal Stewart Havener, a soldier stationed in Dara’s Grace who was on leave in Ashbury, reported that during one battle against the Dominion, Squire Koshinara Murakami of the Ash Forest was put in command of the troops.  “Yeah, he was a-running around yelling orders like all them nobles do,” the corporal said.  “But I saw Sir Ivan and the other nobles keepin’ an eye on him, so I knew we was gonna be okay.” 

Neither Sir Ivan nor Sir Eros could be reached for comment.



Corner of Chivalry:  Thy Noble Duties


by Sir Ivan Drake

Of all the tenets of the Code of Chivalry, the fifth tenet seems to me to be the least clear: “Thou shalt scrupulously perform thy noble duties be they not contrary to the laws of the land.”  In his excellent treatise, Sir Eros Clearbrook discusses how this tenet covers a noble’s obligations in governing their estates.  However, there is a broader meaning which has raised debate.  Does this tenet also govern how a noble must behave when in foreign lands?   

If a noble finds himself in a realm that allows slavery, must the noble overlook this offense since it would be contrary to the laws of the land to dispense justice?  If so, how does one balance what is right with what seems to be a loophole in the Code?  Is it acceptable, as some notable underground groups have done, to cross the border into a land where slavery is legal, capture slavers, and return them to Ashbury for justice?  Should the nobles of Ashbury free these illegally-arrested slavers and secure them a safe return to their homeland? 

Slavery is obviously a heinous act, but what about laws against lesser moral issues?  In Ashbury we allow marriage between people of different races, but what if a neighboring kingdom did not?  Would underground groups infiltrate this realm to dispense justice based upon our own brand of morals? 

Another basis of discussion is whether it is the intent of this section of the Code to mean the laws of our land.  And if that is so, then what is a noble’s recourse if an evil ruler comes to power and mandates laws allowing such offenses?  Certainly a noble can resign from their station, but aren’t there ways to work within the system to enact change?  Can an honorable noble swear fealty to a liege and disagree with their laws?

After a recent discussion with other nobles and squires about this specific tenet, I know that I have given much thought and study to this issue.  For me, the answer lies within the Code of Chivalry itself.  The eighth tenet states: “Thou shalt be everywhere and always the champion of the right and the good against injustice and evil.”  Everywhere and always.  In Ashbury and outside of Ashbury.  No loopholes. 

As always with the Code of Chivalry, one must gain their own insight and formulate their own interpretation.  My recent studies have reminded me to look at all the tenets and try to understand them as a whole instead of slicing out one piece and analyzing it alone.

News From Around the Duchy


The Ash Forest

A large fire was extinguished in the estate of Eldor.  The damage was minimal, however, local officials are reportedly suspicious, believing that an arsonist may have been involved.

Several residents in Forlindelin have fallen prey to a mysterious illness.  Healers from the local guild are said to be baffled by the sickness and finding it difficult to cure the illness completely.

There are rumors that one of the more successful casinos in South Point has suffered record losses due to theft.  Officials are refusing to confirm or deny the rumor, stating that “casino security is of upmost priority.”



In Easton, a small child was reported missing in one of the estate’s many caves.  A valiant search has been organized, but the child still has not been found. 

There are reports that a small group of experienced hunters are killing lizardmen in Amaranth.  A source who requested anonymity states that Lord Jonothan Dragonhart Vardik is investigating.

 The recent death of prominent carriage-maker Fineas Tolth has created a stir in Fenwyck as all three of his sons are contesting the veracity of his will.

An accident in a large marble mine in Stony Brook has claimed the lives of six local residents. 



A new gem deposit was reportedly discovered in a deep cave in Crystal Falls, but several groups are disputing the mining rights.


Guild Reports


Mage’s Guild Report

by Guildmaster William Lenox

I am pleased to report that after several years of hard work, Aria Devonshire has been appointed to the post of Senior Guildsman! Aria has done much for the guild and I look forward to continuing to work with her.

Guildmistress Lizarra has also informed me that Senior Guildsman Cedric Fruvous was instrumental in bringing the Light spell to celestial mages. My thanks to Cedric for his efforts in this endeavor.

As always we have scrolls for sale. We also have spell ink available if you wish to have spells inscribed into your book. We can identify items, as well as trade and sell ritual scrolls when available. If you are interested in learning celestial magic, please stop by the guild. We can teach you to read scrolls for free, and if you are interested in pursuing higher forms of magic, we can instruct you in these as well.


Healer’s Guild Report

by Guildmistress Zatarina Norik 

I am proud to announce the healers who are now members of the Dara’s Grace Guild:  Cora, Dreath, Glorianna, Kali, Keres, Kier, Lauroc, Ling Ma Sun, Noola, Tianna, and Willow Rose.

Starting in a few weeks, all Guild members will doing hours in the Guild. During this time, coffee, tea, cookies, and fudge will be available. Come and visit with us.

So that we may better help everyone, I ask for all to please remember the Guild and its healers when acquiring treasure. We went through about fifteen Enslavement antidotes in one weekend recently and many other potions. These are quite expensive, and I do not want to charge like a hobling society...but knowing that someone obtained a ritual scroll as treasure after a healer used most of a spell pyramid for them to get it, and then not seeing the healer compensated at all makes us question whether we should perhaps act similarly in return.

Remember the healers who enable you to stay up to continue the fight, and realize that even if the healer is not in the front of the battle, that he or she may be one of the main reasons you were successful in the first place.

I would like to thank those adventurers who assisted us in determining how to best do resurrections for them personally should the need ever arise. I also thank those who appreciated the decorating we did in the new Guild and who understood that it was still a work in progress.

Sage’s Guild Report

by Guildmaster Cedric Fruvous

We have opened a new branch of the Sage’s Guild in the town of Deathwatch, located in the estate of Dara’s Grace. We offer all the same services as our branch in Ashbury City, but with this new location we can hopefully better serve the adventurers and citizens on the Trellheim border.

I am pleased to report that in conjunction with the Ashbury Mage’s Guild members of the Sage’s Guild were responsible for an expedition that managed to unlock the Celestial Light spell here on Tar’Navaria.

I am proud to announce the addition of the Child of Camulous Alor as our newest  apprentice. If anyone else would like to apply for membership in the Sage’s Guild please contact myself or Sage Aria Devonshire.

In addition to library services and research for hire, The Sage’s Guild offers teaching, Celestial Spellcrafting services as well as sale of armor, weapons, potions and alchemy and rented use of our Celestial, Earth and Alchemy books.





To all Adventurers,

I would like to take this opportunity to extend thanks to the following people for their selfless actions in our ongoing quest to release Pedratos from the Abysmal Gorge:

Dugaul, Scarn Whiteleaf, Dame Aara, Guard Ahurak, Joshua, Cedric Fruvous, and all who contributed whose names were not mentioned. 

These people risked their lives and expended vast resources without hesitation.  They fought valiantly, and left no one behind.  We were successful in capturing the Flame Elemental known as Imix, and attempted to return him to the custody of the beings known as The Triad.  Unfortunately, vital information was not properly communicated to me, as was requested when I submitted my plan long ago.  Thus, the exchange with The Triad was aborted.  Imix could no longer be held, and he was released. 

Despite the failure of this attempt, I commend the actions of everyone involved.  The efficiency of Imix’ abduction was flawless.  The town’s subsequent defense against Imix’ minions who were attempting to release him was equally impressive.  In all, we proved that teamwork and cooperation can indeed exist among adventurers.  It also proved that sharing of information, no matter how insignificant, can be vital to the success or failure of any one person’s aspirations.  I implore you all to reevaluate what you know.  If you know anything that can help your fellow adventurers, please share it with them.  Withholding facts can only harm.  It very seldom helps anyone.

My thanks.

Cora Scaldren


An open letter to the people of Trellheim,

War has once again come to your doorstep. Once again the people of Trellheim and all of Ashbury have the honor of being part of the excitement of being beset by a new enemy. Like the many foes that have come before, the Dominion presents us all with new and invigorating challenges. What a glorious time to fight such a just and noble war!

Now, I am sure there are many of you who would seek to ply your craft or till the earth and be content with finding some peace in this lifetime. You will state firmly that you are not warriors or mages, but simple common folk. Shame on you! Did you not know that some Knights of the land have declared that as they follow the code of chivalry, you too must strive for those ends?

Thankfully we have among us a new enemy that will help you see that everyone, from the humble potato farmer, tanner, and cooper to the seasoned adventurer, must be ready to face the Dominion. You are all now able to become the targets of death, enslavement, and necromancy just like the adventurers you admire so much.

You must raise your goblets in praise to thank those thoughtful enough to unleash this empire upon the lands once again to give us such an honorable opportunity to combat this evil! Do not decry the fates for the destruction of your villages, the deaths of your children, or the horrors of watching your neighbors snatched into the air by a flock of Gryphons…they were all healed once the adventurers in Deathwatch could pull them from their impact craters.

Those poor spirits who had to be on the receiving end of the Dominion ‘air drop’ should take heart that they are safe now, after all you were cured and sent on your way with armed escort! Do not dwell on those nightmares of falling to the ground at impossible speeds, but rejoice in the dream of a slow and prolonged war against our new enemies! And please do not anger over the fact that not but a handful of minutes after your plunge from the clouds several members of the nobility were walking about the adventurers laughing and joking with their comrades. It had nothing to do with your plight. Warriors are just accustomed to the horrors of war. Fear not, you will adjust soon enough.

Remember too that in freeing the Dominion from their prison not only are we now able to smite their evil but, as many of our leaders have pointed out, we have the opportunity to form new alliances with those Biata freed along with them! I mean after we eliminate the one faction who would not treat with us out of anger over their perceived slight on the sacrifice they made to lock the Dominion away, and well, the other faction who we have just made enemies with because they too are ruled by an undead monstrosity, that leaves at least two potential new alliances to be formed!

Some of you will not head these words of righteousness and might even direct your anger not towards the evil empire who was locked away in prison by the act of four communities willing to sacrifice themselves to remove the evil from the lands, but perhaps towards the shining beacon of goodness that is Ashbury. Some of you might even be tempted to join the new ‘Nation of Trellheim.’ How sad this would be to see good people join along side the (as I believe two Baron’s phrased it) ‘insurgents’ with whom Icenia will soon be going to war with. Those estates are the King’s lands after all.

Stand tall people of Trellheim! Focus your rage and armor yourself in righteousness! Like it or not, you are now all in this war for the long haul.

Scarn Whiteleaf

Amani Ranger

Order of the Scarlet Dawn: House Nemesis


Adventurers of Ashbury,

I have heard it whispered recently that some are concerned about my friendship with the “Jade Thorns.” Well since the Jade Thorns as a group fell apart nearly two years ago, I can only assume that people are referring to my friendships with Scarn Whiteleaf, Gabriel Bruce and Du’Gaul Mornover. I will respond in this public forum because I feel it is important that it be well known my stance on the matter.

Say what you will about these men, and if you were being fair some of it would certainly be unkind, but they are good, honorable men. They have been fighting the horrors that threaten Ashbury and its citizens since long before most of you even contemplated taking up the sword or spell in defense of this land. They have stood firm before more tyrants, monsters, hostile beings and outright terrors than most of us put together and have constantly put their lives on the line for those who cannot defend themselves.

I have seen them engage in acts of bravery, generosity, and honor, both on and off the battlefield, on countless occasions simply because it was the right thing to do, with no concern of reward or recognition.

Are they surly? Yes, without a doubt. Are they often dour? Absolutely. Are they personable individuals? No, many times they are not. They do not mice words, and they do not refrain from expressing unpleasant truths. But they are not thieves, slavers, or necromancers and in fact they tirelessly fight these sorts of beings at every turn. They are good men whose goal is to rid this world of evil and those who would serve evil. I am not about to apologize to anyone for my friendship with them. I am proud that such decent men and proven veterans such as these call me an ally in their struggles against evil.

My friendships, however, have little to no bearing on my duties to the Sage’s Guild and the Mage’s Guild. I have never heard it said that people are concerned that I am “too close” with Blythedale because I call Ivan Drake a friend, or the Healer’s Guild because I call Lauroc DerWyrvennhaus an ally, or Nordenn because of my friendship with Glorianna Wyndancer, nor would I expect to. Is it merely because these people are friendly? Since when is friendliness necessary to be a good person or combat evil?

If you have concerns of my friendships by all means you may speak freely to me of it. I shall listen. But say it directly and with heart to me, for how else will I be able to address your concerns?

Cedric Fruvous

Sorcerer of Stars


Nobility is not a title, nor is it a person.  It is a tangible ideal to which many aspire to.  In this aspiration there are many interpretations of the Code of Chivalry.  And in this aspiration there are many who wield one tenant at the expense of another.  What tends to be forgotten is that the code itself, is one set of principles.  And while each tenant is taken separately and weighed and measured, it is the entirety of the code which is to be applied.

I have seen the disgruntled of Icenia aim their anger and their displeasure at the Nobility of Icenia.  I have seen the complete lack of disrespect from many corners at the Nobility.

But I ask those who seem to have such a seething hatred for the nobility… where do you stand when the darkness comes for Icenia.  Do you stand in the light and let truth and justice be your sword and shield.  Or do you lurk in the shadows and strike the enemy between the shoulder blades?

There are those who feel the ends justify the means.  To a Noble the means must not tarnish or sully the end.  If we are to fight evil without cessation, how can we employ evil or dubious means to do so?  We cannot.  Our intentions and our actions must be pure.  We must strive to do right with right not just with might.

The nobles methods may not be the ones everyone wishes to employ.  Some feel we are weak because we are “constrained” by the code.  I say we are not constrained.  We are liberated for our decisions and our actions have guidance. 

We are also mortal.  And Mortal kin make imperfect decisions and actions.  I feel within the depth of my soul the anguish the Dominion has caused.  I feel within my heart the shame that one of the other “good” tribes of the Biata wield necromancy and see it as no harm.  Does this make the nobility evil?  No.  It means we made a choice and a choice which will be carried in our spirits for as long as we take a breath within our body.  A choice we will forever hold within our hearts and will lie like a leaden weight within the depths of our spirits.

But our spirits will not be crushed.  We will fight this evil, and any others that come our way.  We will fight to protect Icenia from the monsters which plague us.  We will ensure and we will endure.  Because Icenia needs us.  The people of Ashbury need us.

And we the nobility, need the adventurers.  We need your strength and your courage and your tenacity.  Without you, the Dominion, The bloodlines of Morganna, the evil which plagues us at every angle will win and crush us in defeat.  It is your blades, your spells and your globes which keep the tide of battle from being overrun with evil.

We need your strength to keep our lands and its people safe.  We need your courage to bolster our lines.  We need your support so that we may stand against the enemies of our people and be triumphant.  You have stood with us thus far, and my gratitude runs deep.  I ask you to continue, not to falter.  To help us achieve a victory over an enemy whose brutality knows no bounds.  And in serving in this, you earn the respect of all whom you protect.

In Service

Lady Knight Glorianna Wyndancer Nordenn


A Little Birdie Told Me

by Sue D’Onym

Time once again for the News They Don’t Want You To Know!

Everyone was worried when His Grace Duke Frost did not arrive at the gathering he had scheduled last month. When he showed up a few days later, he was nonplussed. “Travel was slow over these back roads,” he said. “There is no problem.”

It appears that Squire Ulthoc has gotten ahead of himself again, this time claiming responsibility for the victory over enemy forces in Dara’s Grace.  This is truly a squire without humility.  Perhaps the next generation of knights will have double-jointed arms so that they can pat themselves on the back without fear of injury.

Sir Ivan Drake was apparently in such anticipation of receiving a hug from Natalia Gallonovich for the jewelry he gave her for her birthday that he actually spent nearly an hour searching the outpost until finally Daedric let him borrow some .... cologne! Ivan has always had a penchant for gypsy woman, as he was once betrothed to Natasha.

Seems like Dame Glorianna is using her title for her own personal gain.  However Ithica didn’t seem to protest when she ordered him to remove his shirt at Natalia’s party!  And speaking of personal gain, how quickly was Garuda forgotten when the Knight accepted and married Issalura? (Affect of a ritual?  See below!)

Joshua and his group (who now say that they’ve joined up with those mysterious Order of the Scarlet Dawn folks) put Andros in their golem after learning he was hunted by a tribe of trolls. Next thing you know Lord Jonathan ran off to his Baron saying they broke the law and that they should be charged. Evidently Indorian agreed, but didn’t want to face them himself so he had Baron Rorii do it. Does that count as recoiling?

The Mage’s Guild isn’t too thrilled with Cedric right now. Guildmaster William had to fight to even get him invested in the circle in Deathwatch!

Adventurers have a heart of gold. At least that is what Old Man Tucker is saying after some thugs decided to block Tucker’s well and some adventurers decided to lend a hand (for free). Tucker has asked this reporter to thank Cora and her friends for taking the time out of their busy lives to lend an old farmer a hand.

Auric had a run of luck recently. Good luck for winning a number of items in the Raven’s Raffle; and bad luck for having Glorianna backlash a permanence ritual on a item she was making for them that had taken years to prepare.

Well, that’s all the room I have this issue. Remember: If you can’t say something nice about someone, come sit by me.

Public Notices


REWARD of 10 gold leading to the arrest of Arnel Izenfire and Jemel Piurt. See Magistrate Corbin Tell.

TO ANY WHO MIGHT HAVE INFORMATION regarding the whereabouts of Nerrick Scaldren or any members of the defunct resistance group known as The Lempuridan, please contact Cora Scaldren.  Send all responses to the Deathwatch chapter of the Ashbury Healers’ Guild. 

THE EXODUS TRADING POST is Open for Business!!! We buy, sell and trade goods of all kinds. We also have our help wanted service, where local folks come to find adventurers to help with odd jobs. Some of you may know my friend Iskalda, who lives in South Point. She pays well for certain items that she uses in her experiments, so come see me and find out what she’s looking for today! – Jack

THE MoS are looking for a Ritual of Woe to trade for or borrow. Will reward well and if need be, discuss why we need it. - Katen

SAGES GUILD! Research! Teaching! Even just light reading! Now with our new branch in Deathwatch.

SPELLCRAFTING of Earth and Celestial Rituals available. Seek the Ritualists in the Court of Nordenn. Reasonable rates, competent service.

THE DARK HORSE TAVERN is holding open auditions for an improvisational performance group.  All are welcome: noble and commoner, bard or amateur alike. The auditions will be held immediately following dinner on Saturday, October 21.  All are welcome to observe and participate. If you have any questions, please contact Noola Arbulla or Dreath Timar N’ilithar at the tavern. We look forward to enjoying the evening with you.