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  1. Sspyndel
  2. PYKE
    PYKE Flawless
    Where are you from?
  3. Flawless
    Newbie here looking for a chapter to join
  4. Amahri
    Amahri Fade
    Hi, Mike, Brian told me he had talked you about my character on Friday and Saterday. He said you were looking for a celestial caster for your barony. I'd be interested in joining. Feel free to message me on Facebook. Retta Lambert.
  5. Tithraq
    Holy ****! He's alive!
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  6. PYKE
    Changing from a stone cold stone elf to a vibrant mwe has many thinking I'm crazy.
    1. Joseph Smith
      Joseph Smith
      Nah, dude. You're just crazy.
      Jun 16, 2017
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  7. Paul N.
    Paul N.
    getting gear ready for the June event
  8. brannan
    That deer guy.
  9. vince ortega
    vince ortega
    hi my name is vince im new to larping ive been to a few fighter practices and my first event ever will be in may!
  10. Emaric
    Denver Season 4 Hype!
  11. Pandafox
    Over-Eager to Learn!
  12. Haden H.
    Haden H.
    Feelin' dandy
  13. Fenris Achasse
    Fenris Achasse
    "Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places."
  14. Paul N.
    Paul N.
    all better and working on getting in shape for the next event. will not be run ragged this time
  15. von Gryphon
    von Gryphon
    Dec 1516 slew the Shade deep in Corrupt Territory with the Fearless Fifty
  16. jtsquish
    jtsquish Kix
    I look forward to the day we hunt together as well! Ber er hver að baki nema sér bróður eigi.
  17. Kix
    Kix jtsquish
    I look forward to running and hunting with you.
  18. Cuar Hyanda
    Cuar Hyanda
    Please contact me using Ronka. I don't use this much anymore.
  19. Paul N.
    Paul N.
    got sick, and now cant go to my first game as a Guild NPC.... not cool
  20. Magic Wizard
    Magic Wizard
    I am a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering with interest in designing LARP weapons. Someday I hope to design and build the perfect staff!