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Is their an official email to reach the Diversity Equity and Inclusion committee? thank you: David
James Trotta
No. And right now we have no leader. If you're comfy bringing it up with me, I will bring it to the team. If not, you can bring it to Tony as GM or any chapter owner (including Tony again if you wanted). As owners of Alliance, Matt and Dave try to stay out of telling chapters how to run games, but if you're not comfy with any of these options I can get them to reach out to you?
OOG; one thing I learned as a 20 year combat vet. The best leaders are the ones who have the best intelligence. I'm on the low end level wise but if we are in the same team I'd follow your lead. You have made my job as an artisan easier by knowing what to build and how to prep for this event. Thank you: David