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OOG; one thing I learned as a 20 year combat vet. The best leaders are the ones who have the best intelligence. I'm on the low end level wise but if we are in the same team I'd follow your lead. You have made my job as an artisan easier by knowing what to build and how to prep for this event. Thank you: David
Hello; I'm very new to Alliance and I cant find a reference to a work shop of convivence. Is this an item local to the Chicago Chapter? What does it do? and how much doe sit cost? thank you: David
Side note: I used to play old school NES a long time ago before the internet was searchable for cheats.
I never beat final fantasy 1 because both of my mages were turned to stone and I didn't know how to beat Chaos or how to use the soft spell item.
I'm planning on beating that game someday.

Have an awesome day and stay glittery!