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    Why Nikkolai Died

    Scribe Migs, I seem to have confused my reports and falsely labelled you. The err is entirely mine, please accept my sincere apologies. For your question, out of respect for all recently involved in this matter, I request you consider starting a new thread of discussion about legal processes...
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    Why Nikkolai Died

    Captain, As this matter currently stands, my hands are mostly tied. I will entreat to His Grace/Her Excellency as best I can but am unlikely to get very far without better cooperation. Keeper Hartsboon, A pleasure to hear your words upon our world once again. I trust your most recent sojourn...
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    Why Nikkolai Died

    Master Seablade, You've asked 2 questions as yet unanswered: "3. Are all statement from a noble to be taken as an order? While, I would not think this is true as sometime a noble may be just sharing an opinion however if this is true I want to be more careful in clarifying a noble statement in...
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    Why Nikkolai Died

    Nikolai, I feel for you, I do not, even from my removed position, agree with the sentence at all. Yours is a history of service to this country and the punishment, in my opinion does not properly account of all the factors at play. You acted as you felt was right, and as often would be right...
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    Please help friends in need

    Donated! I hate that this is needed, but I love that your chapter rallies around it's players in a big way when life gets them down. Thanks for doing this. Paul
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    Sept Favorites from the Castle Event

    An enormous big thanks to all staff, kitchen crew, marshals, and of course NPCs for making this an epic finale. So many faves, especially seeing all the peoples! That above all is what makes a game, friends and acquaintances old and new getting together for a weekend of LARP fun. DG, dang well...
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    Me need many arrows and longbows

    Side note - You are not currently wanted by the crown so you have nothing to fear from me. Fern
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    Me need many arrows and longbows

    I got arrows for anyone who needs.
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    Castle 2017 (September 22nd-24th) Event Pre-reg now Closed

    What's the meal plan for this event? :)
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    Rituals For Sale

    Folks, I came across 2 ritual scrolls in my knapsack the other day from your Lands. Channel Spell Bane I'd love to get them into the hands of someone who travels there. If any of you are able to get me the money for these in short order, I'll gladly ensure they get to you. Pigeon Me for...
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    Last Hope of a Dying Land and Ancient Carvings of History Catalyst

    I am making a last ditch effort at finding a last hope of a dying land...I don't have much hope though. Fern
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    Allies in the Final Confrontation - Assulting the Locations

    My Lords , Ladies, & Allies of Gaden, You have my apologies that this plight has only now been brought to my attention. I do not dream often, nor do I ever venture to your lands and thus had not heard of your final fight. That said, several years ago, the adventurers of Gaden rose in the...
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    Assault Started 'Lok's Lament' - Success

    Vanguard, Regroup and prepare for reasigment. Fern
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    Allies in the Final Confrontation - Assulting the Locations

    So all forces to the Giants walk? Fern