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    2.0 Item and scroll conversion extended

    The deadline for converting items into the 2.0 ruleset has been extended. It has been pushed to the end of the year due to the delays and cancelations caused by Covid-19. The new deadline to convert items and scrolls is 12/31/2020.
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    Expiring 2020 reagents extended

    Due to the number of events that had to be canceled any reagent that has an expiration of 2020 will be extended by one year. The reagents will not be retagged but marshalls are to be made aware of this change and will accept them as valid. Month and Day will not be changing, a reagent...
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    Spooookkky Death breakup infograph

    @Polare some may have come from deaths pre scout?
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    Why don't you NPC?

    One thing I have noticed in my region lately is a lower turnout of NPC's, a vital role in the success of the game. So, I have a question to those players that always or mostly always PC: 1)What is it that keeps you from NPCing/what don't you enjoy about it? 2)What sort of incentives might get...
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    Alliance 2.0 Rulebook: Beta 2

    Page 130, description text for enfeeble says it lasts 10 minutes, should say 5.
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    August 23-25: Weekend Event - Preregistration
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    Alliance 2.0 Players Guide: Beta 2

    The Beta 2 version of the Players Guide is now available for download. This is being made available for another round of review as player feedback has been very helpful finding areas that need to be corrected. Please keep in mind the content and tone of the Players Guide remains up to the...
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    2.0 Dragon Stamp Magic Items

    You can add to existing items but the item total ritual count cannot exceed 20 rituals and the new batch must have it's own extender if you want it to last more then 20LP
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    Removal of teacher skill

    The owners have voted to remove the Teacher skill. This will allow players to purchase new skills as they wish within the CMA without first finding someone who has the skill and can teach. Those players who have the teacher skill will be refunded the build spent for it.( The cost will be...
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    July 26th-28th: Weekend Event - Preregistration

    Link to pre register for this event in the CMA: Make sure to pre register, this effects treasure policy and guarantees credit if you attend!
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    APG: Alliance Players Guide Beta Feedback

    I wanted to provide a quick update letting everyone know that all of the concerns are being listened to and discussed. While I don't have the ability to answer specific questions such as "what about x,y or z?", I can say the module in question does not represent or fit within the Alliance...
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    Conversion Change & Dragon Stamp Items

    Anything dragon stamps goes to
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    2.0 Dragon Stamp Magic Items

    Yes you could combine, you would need two extenders though as they are school specific.
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    Conversion Change & Dragon Stamp Items

    I will allow these players to return the item, but the returned dragon stamps must be put directly towards a new item in the 2.0 list.
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    May 2019 event blankets

    To support staff preparation for character migration into the CMA for the upcoming May 31st 2.0 live date, we find ourselves needing to relax the blanketing rule for the month. Players are permitted and encouraged to request blankets in advance of any events this month prior to May 31st...