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    Online Event: Favourite Moments

    This was epic. I was a little sad that there were only a few events left for Aer'Astria, but this week bundled in so much character and relation development for me and Khyriel. - Paranoia turning out to be justified. Two void-tainted adventurers for the price of one! - The Aqua mod, and just...
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    May & June 2020 A'A Tavern Night Favorite Moments

    -Sweating bullets during that conversation about optics -Getting to interact with Luzula, who I hadn't really spoken to at previous games.
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    That one thing you bought.

    I have a large wicker chest with a cushion on top where I keep most of my primary character's garb, equipment, and deco. It doesn't look at all out of place either in my cabin at game or in my living room the other 98% of the year. Plus it gives me somewhere to sit in a cabin even if there are...
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    Biata Mental Abilities Clarification

    0. Mental roleplay is a fuzzy, 100% consent-based system, and there aren't a lot of hard and fast rules about it. Where there's ambiguity, it's pretty much up to the other person. In game I tend to treat discrepencies between one person's mental roleplay and another's as "no two minds are the...
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    February 2020 A'A Event Favorite Moments

    How well all the NPCs did with their mental roleplays. All the little details each of you came up with added up to a theme that seriously gut punched Khyriel when he put all the pieces together, and was overall the single most impactful part of this event for him. Seriously, bravo. And thank...
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    Wine labels

    @luminemma did some for her high orc that were pretty fantastic
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    Shattering Armor during refit

    Refitting is not a process where if you go 75% of the way, you have 75% of the armor value, or if you're at half armor then you only have a base refit of 30 seconds; it's all or nothing. There's nothing inherent about shatter that affects that count. It just reduces your current armor to 0 and...
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    December 2019 A'A Event Favorite Moments

    This event was beyond phenomenal. I'm definitely missing things on this list, because it was almost non-stop moving or thinking, and so many damn things were going on all around. "Why are you shaking? What's that on your hand?!!" That chat with Baqi on Friday night. A 5 am conversation that...
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    Book 1: Life Book 2: Flame And now the Book of Death is opened....

    Book 1: Life Book 2: Flame And now the Book of Death is opened....
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    November Game Scroll Auction

    At what point is a winning bid forfeit due to non-payment? How will the alternate be notified and how long do they have to pay for it?
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    Dragon Mage

    RAW a player character can never truthfully call themself a dragon mage, as the instant you actually have that ability, your character becomes an NPC. You could perhaps call yourself capable of dragon magic, but you're still missing some catalyst to actually cast dragon magic.
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    Behold the SHAVED BEAR

    Somebody warn Roscoe, I think there's some sort of new plague that's causing the beards of Sylvanborn to fall out.....
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    True Empowerment Local Chapter Policy

    1) Do true empowerment flaws count against the Oregon LCO Item Limit Policy in any way? 2) If the ritual batch that was true empowered expires/is punched out, but the true empowerment flaw has logistics periods remaining, does the true empowerment flaw immediately expire, or does it continue to...