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    Shield Size Increase

    I am largely indifferent, since I wouldn't be changing my shield anyway, but I can see the wisdom a finite size as well. Still i have to feel that unless you are big strong lad and fairly tall you not going to get too crazy with this.
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    [0.9]The Case for Standard Builds

    I like diversity and I think it a good thing, standard builds a thing and they will never go away but I think encourging them is not what LARP should be about. When asked for ideas for building a character I do offer them but I always qualify it with "Do what your character would do." diversity...
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    Addressing critical feedback, burden of proof, and player feedback

    Of note Feed back posted to a Forum will always be discussed and argued, I am not sure Burden of proof is the right term for such discustion. Forums have been prone to that kind of arguement since the USERNet and thread based Forms in the early to mid-90's unfortunatly.
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    Persistent Damage Cost Change

    I am not a fan of this style of scaling, because I see it as being slightly unfair, but then I also torn on the idea of arguement "Build a Fighter with X number of points and not have Y disarms as an arguement either. Alliance like many boffer LARPs have a Class system that governs cost but also...
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    Follow up to my poll: Level Gap

    So is 2.0 balance, or is leaning to one side or ther other, I ask this because some people making arguements around 2.0 Changes dealing with rather extream leveled characters and what people can do with a lets say level 50 character. I personally have to wonder if there enough 50 level...
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    Follow up to my poll: Level Gap

    Most people in my poll want Balance between new players and old player, with the vast minorty favouring new players. Now in my review of topics that didn't seem to be what most of the arguements about aspects of 2.0 seem to bear out but let's put that aside for another topic/day. How do we...
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    Question of player base in relation to 2.0

    The requirments of debate requires some form of generalization it is impossible to account for every varable in a given debate. The point of this poll is to establish a working generalization so that we can use that to move forward. It like part of an agreed statement of facts in a court case...
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    Race Balance: Hoblings

    Can adjusting the build points for racial dodge fix this objection to unlimited buys.
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    Question of player base in relation to 2.0

    I have used five years as the dividing line. Tevas in another thread was nice enough to provide the information for that. See below: Clearly the ability to blanket at other chapters change this so I when with years in the topic. I trying to keep this topic discustion as neutral as possible...
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    Question of player base in relation to 2.0

    That isn't the intent, the intent is find what kind of player base is to be supported by Alliance, and then moving from there. We can't make 2.0 work for the player base if we don't know the direction we want to take in the player base. As a person that plays in another LARP with very top down...
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    Why do Fighters and Rogues scale down but Scholars do not?

    Thanks Tevas, it very appreated.
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    Question of player base in relation to 2.0

    I have a question for everyone based on the review of the various topics. Let just overview myself to set where my point of view comes from. I been playing RPG for 31 years. I been playing LARP for 5 years. I been playing Alliance for 2 years. I playing two boffer LARP, Alliance is one of these...
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    Why do Fighters and Rogues scale down but Scholars do not?

    Wow the levels you are talking about here are huge, I been playing for 2 years and I am level 13, talking about 40 and 50 level charcter or more in some threads really make hard to say what needs limits and what doesn't.
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    Should Flurry be a national rule or a local rule?

    Cipher defined stance well enough, I be honest unless fighting in a shield wall I don't fight adjacent targets very often they usually a at least a few steps away often more.