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    Dragon Mage

    Its probably the 2 4 columns and 25 each. Shadow mage is 50 and 4 column
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    Dragon Mage

    If I recall from 1.3: 8 column primary, 50 ranks formal 4 column secondary, 25 ranks of formal Though could be completely wrong
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    How to fix Doom Blow, your thoughts?

    Its bad enough Riposte only counts as Martial for skillups, but its great for Rogues. I wish I had more as its a cool skill. Rogues certainly have other flaws, its called standing in the back chatting with folks during a line fight. Another fix for that is grab Archery, which in the night...
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    PEL: Post Event Letter Opener/Playtest

    Bumping now that the Season is over. I know the Plot team is appreciative of any feedback on the event or year as a whole.
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    My official endorsement: Hi, This is Gregory Renaldo Binks III and the Flaming Skull is my favorite establishment for Goblin bouts of strength and skill in all of Wayside. And I didnt even get paid to say that! -Binks
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    Fish Bowl Raffle

    Not naming any names, but if you win that ship, I know a guy who’ll buy it.
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    Registration Thread November 15th Weekend: Invasive Invasions

    21, who makes up this 13 group dark legion?
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    The Olothen Attack in 2 weeks

    Well, after sailing with their fleet, I have some news to report! The majority of the fleet is raiding the coastal towns and cities. There isn't much leadership there, so if we position ships and troops it should be enough to counter them. Zhe main force, manned by Frederick Minotauros and...
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    The Olothen Attack in 2 weeks

    I think you're in the clear, though I cannot say personally. I haven't targeted anyone out, but the invasion isn't against us such as when Mawl attacked; this is another target entirely. You're welcome to make any claims such as, "I killed Mawl" or "...It vas me!!!" though. -Binks
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    The Current State of All Our Problems!

    Was wondering where the best view in Wayside is, as I'm a bit tired of the seas. I've heard good things about Wurmsen's Towers. Anyone know anything about there or where it may be. Hopefully looking to sit up there, see the sights and maybe do some reading; though if its too cold, may just end...
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    The Current State of All Our Problems!

    What are we looking to accomplish this next gathering? We have some Lich Bits left if I recall. Is it just Reggie Wrathborne and McNulty? Binks
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    new tags duration

    What prevents a single day use? That would also imply if you used an item at a 1 day and you have a single day remaining that it could only be used at another 1 day. Unless I misread
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    Searching for Permenancy Catalyst

    Shen, I have plenty of components I do not wish to use. As for the catalyst, perhaps we can come to an agreement, but I know I have extended an offer to Beryl and the rest of Lifestorm, if I dont hear anything back in a few weeks we can discuss. A simple merchant, Binks
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    Poll: Lets talk about DoomBlow

    I feel having just one purchase is enough for Riposting Blow. Other than that underwhelming skill.
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    The Olothen Attack in 2 weeks

    I wanted to remind people that in 2 weeks Frederick, zhe Minotaur general of the Olothen Empire will be assaulting somewhere on the Northern coast of the Ternian Empire. They plan to sale and they are well aware of our strength. As mentioned, Frederick Minotauros has a regen upon his spirit, it...