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    August research

    Zihr, I will be heading to Erabella in a few weeks and would be happy to assist with anything my talents would have use for. Asher
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    A new challenger appears!

    Taking me almost a year to get through it, not because its bad, I just need to be in the mood. Love it so far though. Uprooted is a great read by her as well.
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    July Favorites

    Another good event, some favorites: - Murder Most Fowl. Certain events lining up mixed with Zihrs eagerness for the outcome to be a werewolf lead to a lot of coincidental events that may have lead to Zihr being the true culprit the entire time. - Ebberus RP and the resulting argument between...
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    ARB: Alliance Rulebook Beta Feedback

    Im in the mindset that the less thrusting weapons the better.
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    The Iron Cassk (Cold Brews) Returns

    If there were two things I was good at in the Iron Crows back in Terna, it was Blacksmithing and pouring drinks. With this gathering being a hot one, I thought it would be good to bring back the drink bar I brought to The Wildlands last year. Ice Cold drinks provided below: Available 9 evening...
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    July 14th 2019 - Teacher Tags

    I can second the form is great. Big West used it and all the needed info was displayed.
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    A humble request for a simple healer

    Apprentice, I’m sending you a package that I hope reaches you including: my spellbook, a 15 dagger blow set of armor, a staff, some coin and some other things. Remember, I see your Apprenticeship to me as an extension of my beliefs and values. Please keep that in mind as you travel to Evodia...
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    July Blacksmithing Services - Cass

    Easy enough to do with my remaining first batch. I’ll have them available. - Cass
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    July Blacksmithing Services - Cass

    While I know their existence, I’m not sure I have the recipe or know how to make them yet. Cass
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    July Blacksmithing Services - Cass

    That I can do in a single batch. S blunt x2 6s L blunt x2 8s 1 of each Strengthened 12g 13.4g should be good. That leaves a little more space for arrows if anyone is interested. Cass
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    July Blacksmithing Services - Cass

    Would you want all 4 strengthened? I could 2 strengthening and all 4 weapons on Day 1. Day 2 I can strengthen the remaining 2. In total 1.4g for the weapons with an additional 6g per to strengthen. Looking at a total of 25.4g due to the high cost of materials the garden the actual weapons. Cass
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    A humble request for a simple healer

    Innoxius, It would do me a disservice to my Apprentice if I didn't load you a spellbook and some things to get you back on your feet. I'll send you along with my spellbook and some coin and a relic. It's good to hear from you, I thought after you stopped showing up that you either were left...
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    Old player coming back, what to do?

    You can log into the CMA using that old account to see if your characters transferred over. Once done just email to get it switched.
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    July 14th One Day: The Place Between...Preregistration

    If we blanket and are part of the year paid plan do we register as that character and just note Pay-no-Play in the notes?
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    July Blacksmithing Services - Cass

    Hi, I am taking orders for production this next gather. Currently I am wide open for any needs. As a Master smith, my workshop can produce quite a lot. Let me know what you need and I’ll be happy to make it! Kallith- I already have your strengthened Shield and arrows created for your arrival...