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    An accounting of Professionals

    Gertrude Clayheart, The Gruntled Dwarf Master Blacksmith, Potions, and Scrolls Journeymen Alchemy and Traps I have been studying and practicing Alchemy quite closely and I expect to master it by the time the snow melts. -Gertrude the Gruntled Dwarf
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    Hook Finale Favorites

    Lots of fun and I really enjoy the new site even if the indoor temp is too hot. -finnishing a costume piece while sitting on the floor in the dorms before 7pm and having a quilted petty coat. -organizing all of my shops stocks I'm so happy to have more invintory even if it put me into debt...
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    Names & Faces

    In Real Life; Andrea She/Her Main Character; Gertrude Clayheart Also Known As; Gerty, Gertie, Master Smith, Master Merchant, the female Dwarf Race/Class; Dwarf, Artisan Chapters; Minnesota, Chicago, and all over Other Character; Lilly Winters AKA; Miss Winters Race/Class; Human Celestial...
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    Potion makers and suppliers wanted

    I have been looking through the merchant guilds recipes and there are three that I have my eye on that would be helpful. - slow bleed, affects the drinker for the next hour so they don't bleed out as fast extending the average time to 5 minutes. -Blood block, also effective for an hour after...
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    Pictures from October Andrea's pictures
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    September Favorites Above are the photos I took Snails were amazing, salt slow shatter shell, the pointless rift elevator, my favorite kind of silly fun mod chefs kiss Dragon lore drop OMG best dragon role play I have ever seen in my dozen years of larp. I actually...
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    Selling Scrolls and Components

    I will be heading into the Book to battle the Author and the Illustrator and can act as currier for you Asher. I will also like to buy your Heartstone. Thanks, Gertrude
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    The Gruntled Dwarf a Shop for the Ages

    Special services and knickknacks will be on offer to help the Heroes of the Ages recharge. Water Skins for sale, 1 silver for empty, 2 silver for filled with water. Hammocks for 30 minute nap rental, 5 gold. Service includes wake up alarm, filling of drinks, rocking and assistance with getting...
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    The Gruntled Dwarf

    I offer these prices for my first and second batch. It costs me more to make more so no buying in bulk does not offer savings to you. But if I am aware of your order ahead of time I can garentee your items will be ready to use. (((reped in vials or as scrolls, weapon/armor tags laminated))) I...
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    The Gruntled Dwarf

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    A call out for Blacksmiths.

    Baron Foss I would like to look at these plans so I am sure to bring the right tools but I will be there. Do you know if you plan to complete this great undertaking on the Friday evening or Saturday evening of our gathering? -Gertrude The Gruntled Dwarf Master; Blacksmith Potions Scrolls...
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    Chicago event carpools

    I'm looking for a MN or WI person to add to my carpool for the August and National game. I'm hoping to leave around noon Friday and like to get home early on Sunday/Monday. Timing and splitting driving is more important than gas money for me but filling my vans' tank is usually 35$ and will need...
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    The Gruntled Dwarf now taking orders

    Kitaruen I will provide as created, expect delivery on Saturday. -Gertrude The Gruntled Dwarf