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    Adventure's Guild Chair Nominations

    I would like to Nominate Beryl as The Chair of Transportation. as one of the activators of our keystone transportation network I think that Beryl would be a natural fit for this role. I would like to Nominate Mint as our Chair of Action. Mint is always ready to go and is best at...
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    Adventure's Guild Chair Nominations

    The Leadership of our new adopted country of Erabella has asked our community to form an Adventure's guild. I Would like to open up Nominations and suggestions of Different Chair positions to fill out the Adventure's Council. -Gertrude Clayheart
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    you are a wonderful inspiration and I'm glad you were able to help with our game, you improved it to no end
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    Mystic tattoo

    I would propose that the duration should be written in the description of Mystic tattoo. the blanket duration statement in the crafting abilities messes with the duration of Adventure equipment and Enhance Equipment (masterwork), and Superiors Equipment. I would propose that a 5 day duration...
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    Armor patch

    is there a rep requirement? or is it kind of like globes where you just need the tag in your pocket
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    Mystic tattoo

    I think this part needs some clearer wording as it does not read that way to me.
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    Armor patch

    What is the call for when you use an armor patch after completing a refit?
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    Mystic tattoo

    But then that would mean that any Adventuring equipment made expire at the end of the logistics period. I think this is referencing that your spent abilities points reset at logistics, for example Purchasing the ability to Field Repair at 1st logistics dose not mean you get for 2nd logistics...
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    Mystic tattoo

    Wait It only says it goes away if you reserect or until used
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    Superior equipment documentation

    But thinking about the player's ability to make these items at a crafting station during a game with a crafting Marshal is worth thinking about. The creation and entry of these items into the CMA may be a hurdle
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    Mystic tattoo

    The wording suggests that it is just like a scroll that is attached to someone's skin. So do light requirements need to be followed? Am I basically able to make a times ever magic item with a target body for the cost of ability points and crafting materials? Wow
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    Equipment tag changes needed

    Equipment tags will need spots to notate any enhanced or masterwork on them. Such as the type to make items easier to cast on. Not just silvered or magic, also I think that magic may be out of date for being on item tags. And a good strengthened notation method needs to be made as items may be...
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    Base production pool calculations

    Base production pool is half of your ranks in that skill rounded down. Workshops double your base production pool. So is it that with a work shop your production pool is the same as your rank? Or twice your production pool? Example; 1÷2=.5 Base production pool is 0, 0×2=0 So if you are...
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    Crafting base production pool

    I need a spot and method in the prereg process to spend my base production pool points
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    Superior Equipment interactions

    To make sure I understand correctly; Only one superior "enchantment/embellishment" is allowed on an item? Superior equipment is not rendered indestructible. You may enhance or masterwork, or strengthen a pice of superior equipment. You may cast magic on a pice of superior equipment. May a...