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    Pre-registration for June: CLOSED

    Re: Pre-registration for June: DEADLINE TODAY SUNDAY 6/16 Fyi if it comes up I'm happy to swap to a no bed reserved room if need be. At this point I don't think who I'm planning on staying with will need the beds. Thought I'd just mention it in case there are folks who'd use the beds. Feel...
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    Pre-registration for June: CLOSED

    Re: Pre-registration for June: DEADLINE SUNDAY 6/16 Playing Quyri
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    Thank You to Those Who Found Me

    Sir Amaranthus, I am also glad I was able to help get you back. I hope as your memories return to get the chance to fight beside you and know you better. Retrieving you was an exciting and challenging hunt and I hope to be able to engage in more together! - Quyri
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    Reminder: Food Committee Lesser Gift of the Land

    This heal will apply to the max possible body including any high magic augmentation. So if you are a scholar with 20 body normally but take 3 levels of high magic to have a max of 35 body for the duration of the event the 'food donation' heal will allow you to heal all the way up to 35 body. Eat...
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    May Event Archery

    I've said this to some people but I figured I'd post it online. I'm happy to use a real bow and arrow for target practice with friends, I own my own and they are fun to shoot. But personally I find it very disappointing to use a 'real' bow and arrow for archery 'contests' at game. If you are an...
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    Please welcome Alliance Denver!

    This is SUPER EXCITING! w00t! Best of luck Jesse!
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    May Food Donations

    I really like the idea of a 'pledge' thread, lets totally try that out next month! :)
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    Pre-registration for May

    I'm coming! I know I completely blew the pre-reg and pre-pay stuff. (SORRY!) But I didn't know until the last minute. Very excited! :)
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    Plot team resignation

    Hey Guys. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who I got a chance to play with over the past few years at soMN. You guys have been great and a lot of fun! As life goes on however things change and I find myself unable to find the time to continue to write and contribute to the soMN plot...
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    Visiting April 26, 27, 28

    Dammit... I should really just save time and schedule my own ticket too now... :P
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    Gettysburg Opener Travel?

    So... The first Gettysburg weekend I was able to attend shortly after the national last year was AWESOME fun! THIS IS AN AWESOME CHAPTER! :thumbsup: Although I'm not close and play several other chapters, the Gettysburg opener early March this year looks like something I may try to make the...
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    New Props Department- Positions Available!

    awesome! message sent. :)
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    Flat blades

    makes sense! :)
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    Flat blades

    I'm sure you should be able to make a passing flatblade. I wouldn't worry too much about cutting out a kite-spar core, because even if you don't end up liking the resulting weapon the core is probably reusable, just strip everything else and start over. I'd highly recommend against CPVC...
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    Protective Set

    Takeouts are highest up on my list. While other cloaks can be useful, a cloak against something like binding or necro is never 'needed'. You could have an activate (which are often easier to obtain) that can 'fix' the same problem. Total takeouts are: Prison, Death, Paralysis, Dominate/Charm...