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    July Ashbury Pre-Reg

    Please put me down as an npc. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Stormbreak 2017 Schedule

    Mid August - the bane of the high makeup races! Challenge accepted! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Name the New Cabin!

    I like this idea for a future naming. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Latex Staff

    We currently have one in stock.
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    Latex Staff

    John, order one from us ;-)
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    event clarification pls

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    HQ 2015 opener Favorites!

    Comedy copper at best.
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    Re: the role of plot/hobby vs. "employment"

    I think evi1r0n hit the nail on the head with the use of the word "volunteer". I'm a manager for my profession and I've managed volunteers at larp and other places. Managing employees in a job that pays their bills is far different than managing too many ways to discuss here...
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    Rain-Proofing for Stone Elves?

    Also, eba endura works terribly without an airbrush. My compressor broke halfway through getting orced up at Dragon Con and I tried sponging it on. It was pretty much a non starter.
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    Rain-Proofing for Stone Elves?

    I just use a cheap $15 one I got online. I don't do any detailing so it works fine. It wouldn't be any good for artistic stuff. I got my compressor for $5 at a garage sale. I'd recommend external mix airbrushes for the alcohol based stuff as they are way easier to clean than an internal mix.
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    Rain-Proofing for Stone Elves?

    I usually just take a shower and scrub with soap or shampoo. It's alchohol based, so it's likely an alcohol based cleaner or regular rubbing alcohol would take it off easier, but I've never felt the need to.
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    Rain-Proofing for Stone Elves?

    Eba Endura airbrush makeup. It's expensive...and you need an airbrush. But it's waterproof. You can wear it in a chlorine pool and it won't come off. Cirque uses it for their water shows.
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    9 Towers pre-registration

    I fixed you Frank.
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    9 Towers pre-registration

    I've updated the list with Ericka and Dave's info (in the order they were received because I'm that OCD). Since it looks like a smaller turnout, the four people to a cabin will be waived on site Friday, but people will be expected to use common sense, grace and consideration. These traits...
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    Backstory help.

    I seem to remember the Mcewans being from Peppercorn.