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    Meeting of Minds

    (Sorry, my ability to parent and roleplay at the same time is... light)
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    Meeting of Minds

    Jonathan snorts
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    Meeting of Minds

    "Yyyyyyyou as well, Luke"
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    Meeting of Minds

    "If this is something wwwwwwwwwe can rrrrrrreplicate, then wwwwe must do so on a rrrrrrregular basis."
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    Meeting of Minds

    Jonathan observes each meditator, trying to sense the factors and strategies that lead to success.
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    Meeting of Minds

    It's unclear exactly when Jonathan joined the party. "Are these tennnnndrils something wwwwwe could deal wwwwwith onnnnnnn an innnnndivvvidual basis while wwwwwwe figure out a wwwwwway to close the tear ennnnnntirely?"
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    Alliance Oregon Donation Drive

    You know, I was going to vote save until you mentioned this...
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    BroS Game 2 Favorite Moments

    Talk with Horatio on the porch: "Is that a role you want? Because it is a choice." Final talk with Goldcrest: "Aren't you Reeve or whatever?" Also, "We're just a trading town!" "Are you, though?" Serving my queen with valor, then: "Does anyone know what happened to my shield?" Also, "Wait...
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    Decisions to be made

    [In what is becoming a semi-common occurrence, Tyro addresses the tavern while there are several groups of people having several different conversations.] Hi everyone! In a few more months, we have to make-- [At this point, somebody else yells "HEY, SHUT UP!" which actually quiets the...
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    Traps and large area's

    Keep in mind that if Plot is defining a mod space that is supposed to represent something bigger than a barn, they can consider it "outdoors", meaning unwardable and the 5' trap rules apply.
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    Alliance 2.0 Rulebook: Beta 2

    The rulebook contradicts itself about whether Enslavement is removed by resurrection. p90: "Once a character is resurrected, a character will have his or her maximum Body Points. All remaining effects that were present on the character will be gone (excluding Enslavement, Euphoria, Curse of...
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    For Auction: Celestial Focus

    Reminder: The deadline to place your bids is in less than two weeks!
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    For Auction: Celestial Focus

    Reminder: The deadline to place your bids is in less than two weeks!