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    Doodles - anyone want?

    If you are still doing this, how about a female raccoonkin? Medium build, has random trinkets and beads attached to her clothes, bracer on her right arm. Maybe with her wielding some alchemy globes?
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    I found something

    Hi! When we were out fighting those bug bears yesterday, I found this thing. It's a white square tile about 1 inch in size with a silver swirl on it. Anybody know what it is? Thanks, Spoons
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    March Opener Favorites

    My favorites Being the only crunchie with casting during the big mod. I quite enjoyed chucking my 10 elemental chaos per pop, hehe. Getting a sneak attack hit from behind on Ractor while simultaneously wiping out epically. Being able to make my fire-breathing chipmunks a reality. Thanks so much...