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    Spell crafting and reagents

    The components are expended and lost regardless of whether or not the Spellcraft is actually cast. Think of it this way: the components are consumed during the preparation process, not during the casting process. You consume a component to have the ability to spellcraft a particular scroll...
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    There is work to be done.

    Well, the end of the year is here at last. Enough of the growth and expansion from the last many months, For now is the time for death and slumber to take root! After all, it’s cold out. Snow drifts down from the above and the wind bites from all sides! The chill will sort out who deserves to...
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    We're so close, I almost can taste dhe gold!

    I found it! I found it! Dhe ruins with dhe last key to Peach Rock! I'm sure of it! Dhat sweet, sweet Peach Rock money will be all mine! ...minus a reasonable reward for the folks dhat helped me out, yeah yeah, whatever. Dhey called me crazy, dhey called me greedy, dhey called me old, but look...
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    A Beast Beyond Our Plane

    That's fair. I just think of "rampant" as describing anything that roars, stomps around, and starts attacking when it sees you, and I'm pretty certain this thing will do all of that. - Ludo Mudgeman
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    A Beast Beyond Our Plane

    I mean, "taking care of this creature" sounds like you're offering to eliminate a problem we're having, but I mean, the monster's not really a problem to us - you adventurers just asked where to find a big monster. But hey, if you want to go kill it, more power to you. I'll requisition a rift...
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    A Beast Beyond Our Plane

    To whom it may concern, since I honestly don't know who specifically wants to know, Master Varbag told me that some of the adventurers told him that they were interested in the subject of any rampant creatures of power that the Solars Guild may know about and asked me to look into it for him...
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    Rumors heard around town in November...

    “You know, I’ve gotten so accustomed to all the crows that it almost seems weird that they’re gone and not cawing at all hours of the night and keeping me awake. Not that I mind, mind you - thank you, adventurers!” “With all these zombie attacks, I reckon there’s hardly a silver coin left in...
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    The Current State of All Our Problems!

    Reggie Wrathborne: Sounds like findin' out where he keeps his extra bodies is probably the best move! Does anyone have any good ideas for how best to do that? McNulty Solidifies: Does anyone know of any ways to get a LOT of solidifies or somethin'? Or do we just have to have some Celestial...
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    The Current State of All Our Problems!

    That sounds about right! Does anyone know any information about those two that might help? What're they up to? What're their abilities? ~ Silp
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    Discord and Mid Nov IBGA?

    With the upcoming event so close, we will not be doing IBGAs this time around. Sorry for any inconvenience! As to the Discord, it is still a thing, but I'm largely not Discord-savvy and have no idea how to invite people. Can someone figure that out?
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    Nationals 2020 Cash Donation Drive!!

    "What about props, costuming, and other non-cash donations for the National Event? Those are a thing, right?" I hear you ask. Those are absolutely a thing - just not quite yet! Separate information regarding "stuff" donations will be posted in the coming months as specific preparations are...
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    There is work to be done.

    The warm breezes and verdant colors of Summer have come and gone - Now is the time of crisp winds, fallen leaves, and shortened days. But the diligent farmer takes advantage of every last minute during days of gathering! From seed to fruit, our crops have grown, and the harvest is now upon us...
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    Why don't you NPC?

    When I first started playing, I didn't even consider NPCing whatsoever because I didn't want to miss any of the plot, treasure, or character growth that comes with PCing, so I definitely understand that mindset for a lot of people. Nowadays, though, my characters have all the skills they need...
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    Call for Scrolls

    Auryn, I believe I have at least a handful of Wall of Force scrolls in my supplies, and I would be happy to offer them for sale. Unfortunately, the reason some useful-but-situational spells like Solidifies and Enhanced Blades always seem to be lacking in abundance is because you can't...
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    Thinking of making some NPC tunics...

    You have no idea how much I support this. :)