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    Dragonhold Council

    Tavern needs more fruit. Usually has grapes, bananas and apples. Needs all the kinds! And lots of them. -"Bubbles"
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    Armor help Page 79 had all the armor info. :)
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    Alliance LARP Utah 2019 Schedule

    Hmm... Where is Fort Alliance versus Malidor's Outpost in game?
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    Posted: Council Announcement - Heroes Needed, Great and Small

    I can do some mending! I don't sew super good, but I do a little if that helps. -"Bubbles"
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    *Bubbles shrugs* "I messed up when I thought my money pouch was lost and someone put it in Sigfried's bag. I don't wanna blame until we talk to Baroness Heisel more. We don't know for sure if it was a betrayal or a mistake." *Pauses to look at Sorocco and Corso* "Can we focus on hating the...
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    August 31 - Sept 2 Favorite Moments!

    A few moment I loved: * Creative ideas to open the door to free the villagers trapped in the burning cellar. It was fun making obnoxious comments at the "endowed" men working on it. * "Hi Important Person!" to Lord Brightstone when he wasn't feeling respected enough, but Bubbles hadn't caught...
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    *Bubbles seems confused* "Wait... Which one is Baroness Von Heisel? That isn't the one where that a$$hole Styles McGuiness took her son, is it? 'Cause she was awesome. I don't want anyone talking $hit about about her..."