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Ilarion Earthdream is a Selunari nomad. His skin is a pale bronze and his hair a rusty, earthen brown; his eyes are a dusty violet shade. Six sela gems protrude from his face in the perhaps not-coincidental shape of the Apis constellation - two gems directly between his eyebrows, one above his inner left eyebrow, one from his left temple, one on the bridge of his nose, and one under his inner right eye. For much of Ilarion's adult life, he was wandering around the Unhindered Lands, making occasional sojourns into the Duchy of Eastland for trade, social interaction, or the rare contract work. In 18 AFD he finally decided to move permanently to Dragonreach where his cousins the Iranis lived as adventurers.

While settling into Dragonreach with the help of his cousin Ardos and his adopted aunt Avacyn Ironrose (under whom he serves as a Guardian of the Healing House), Ilarion has been trying to follow the example of the adventurers around him and serve the greater good. Though an eager combatant, he is inexperienced; his real talents lies in hǝyvǝ́yákurkô, the art of animal taming and treatment, refined during his time amongst the wild animals of the Unhindered Lands. His talent and his heart for animals garnered the attention of a society called the Whisperers, who began to teach him the art of tapping into the consciousness of animals and making them an extension of himself. A break in the world's magics caused by the Elemental War resulted in a shift in this power, and in addition to scarring his spirit and partially blinding one eye, he has also continued his Whispering at a severely slower rate than before.


Korbin Hrafnson is a young, fairly solitary biata with black and grey feathers. Although quiet and somewhat shy, he has a particularly stubborn streak and a tendency to hold grudges. However to those in need who have not done him wrong, he can be quite kind and willing to help even if he is not actually able. A budding archer, he prefers to stick to the shadows and heights, away from prying eyes and prowling predators.

Grianadhmad is a Barkskin Child of Autumn belonging to Fine Beith, or the birch clan. He has pale, dry, papery skin marked randomly with dark lenticels; his head is topped with a combination of curly reddish-brown hair filaments and plantlike setae, as well as two small vascular branch protrusions growing above and behind his ears. From the back of his head, between his shoulder blades, and the small of his back grows several strands of ivy which wrap around his crown, arms, chest, and waist in various directions. Patches of moss occasionally grow on his limbs. His friends and neighbours outside of the elven and dryade races have nicknamed him "Grin" due the complicated pronunciation of his name.

In Deiridh-teas of 10617 Evendarrian Reckoning (1017 Valdanian Reckoning), Grin awoke from his Great Sleep in a pocket of the Mist that had covered Fortannis, and emerged in a corner of Elorian-controlled Valdanis called Ardic, where circumstances led him to join the adventuring community as an Earth scholar and healer. While celebrating the festival of the Birth in Lár Fhómhar with the Heartwood Exiles in Ashwood, he pollinated another dryad and subsequently produced a seed. The seed slumbered through the winter and germinated in Leá-uisce of 10618 ER (1018 VR), when Grin and the mother (Dusk) named their sapling Hálainndóchas, which in Grin's old tongue means "beautiful hope." In the summer of 10618 Grin underwent a series of tasks set by the Great Ent which allowed him to recover a new Heartseed and bond with it prior to planting it at the center of the Heartwood Briar in the month of Drúcht-oíche, before the winter snows. That same day one of his fellow adventurers sacrificed herself to seal away an eldritch threat, and after taking time to grieve, Grin permanently left the adventuring community to focus on his upcoming tasks as the new incumbent Grove Master of the Heartwood and to raise his daughter.
Nov 10, 1986 (Age: 36)
receptionist; musician; herbalist




OG: Taed Price, Alliance Traverse General Manager / Plot Team member

PC: Ilarion Deòrsa Ramiel Earthdream, Constelaţie Selunari, Guardian of the Earth Healers Guild of Dragonreach, Disciple of the Whisperers
PC: Korbin Hrafnson, moody Biata rogue
NPC: "Grin," Grianadhmad, Birchskin Child of Autumn, Grove Master of the Heartwood

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