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    May 23rd Tavern Night and Dungeon Delve Head Count

    Not sure about all 8 hours but should be there for most.
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    May 23rd Tavern Night and Dungeon Delve

    Sooo is there a fee like a normal event?
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    April 10th gather?

    Do we really think we will still be able to? The new date for "S-I-P" is April 7th. and from what I am hearing my be extended to April 20th. Anybody else? any ideas or news
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    new tags duration

    is it one circle per market or per day?
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    2019 Donations

    Seriously what does a trap rep look like or fuction? Should it be a functioning lock or spring-trap device(I know not mousetrap strength)?
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    New Char Database

    Has the new DB for Chicago gone live yet? I won't be at the next event and am not the best at keeping up with forums or discord. Thanks
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    May Favorites

    Besides getting a Horse and cart, my new Arcane armor, my awesome new sword, becoming the Alpha of the weres and getting control of an army. My favorite part was on the trip to spider island and they were counting up healers and taking a count of life spells. I casually asked so how many do we...
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    April 26th Weekend Event Preregistration: A Deal Not Made

    Not important just curios. Any list of who will be in attendance?
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    2019 Donations

    Curious what would a trap rep look like? Asking for a friend.
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    Packet clean up find.

    Hello, During Packet clean up I found a Black Metal Feather. It was on the Saturday night battle field. away from the main building pressed into the ground. I was wondering if it belonged to anybody. If so send me a message. I will bring it to next gather. James "Grimshaw" Ferguson
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    The Wild Rose Adventuring and Trading Company Returns!

    Mister Rose, yuv return! Me blades are agains at yer service. Grimshaw
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    Duke Bluewater We needs to talk.

    Yer Eminence, I's will talk with Sam N sees what I's kin do. I looks for-werd ta yer arrival. Grimshaw Harvus
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    Duke Bluewater We needs to talk.

    Yer Eminence, We've yet da dis-cuss witch ov me stone elf orphans ye'll be rise da be leader. I fink it be bes we's converse on this soon rav-ther den later, as rumors seems da be spreadin about says orphan. Will ye's be in attendance dis market? Yer's in service Grimshaw Harvus Harvus Hope of...
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    August 31st Menu

    I thought maybe he meant "Love-free" option.
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    Better Atmosphere!

    Quick question how would/could the Confine be delivered?(fingers crossed eyes held tight whispering---"Please say spellstrike please say spellstrike")