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    Court recordings; May

    Dramthin, During the coronation ceremony of now Queen Pavia Gavar of Gavaria, an attempt was made to end her life. It was discovered to be the machinations of the Nameless Former Baron (henceforth referred to as NFB). By order of the Queen, NFB was captured by the adventurers after a siege and...
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    Spider Island: Part 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

    It is not, to my knowledge, of Atupal origin. It is a device of the late Arthur Fitzhugh's own design. He was a mecha-magical genius, including the creation of airships. I confess I do not know if it will be of help as I do not have the know-how to ascertain its function, and I was...
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    Spider Island: Part 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

    The Hearthguard and Northlund troops will be stationed at Atapul and Westhaven to defend in case of any counter attack. The hearths shall be protected. After a....trying time with the now late Arthur Fitzhugh, The Northlunds now posess a technological device that could help us, but I require...
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    From the Desk of Baron Heartwood

    Salutations, your effervescent, and most prestigious majesty, I am deeply honored, and humbly accept your invitation on behalf of House Aviary. We hail and arrive from New Zenith, to show good will and provide aid to all, as we are all clutch-mates in this nest we call Bastion. Though some of...
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    Spider Island Assault Plan

    I shall be conversing with the Hearthguard before the next market day with what support can be lent towards this endeavor. May your hearth fire burn eternal, and your tankards endless! Hearthguard Draco O'Dell
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    Who's done with Spider Island?

    This coming market day would be used for recon and preparation. You would have plenty of time to prepare. The plan would be commencing the raid at the May market day. May your hearthfire burn eternal, and your tankard endless! Hearthguard Draco O'Dell
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    Who's done with Spider Island?

    You have my hammer. I shall speak with the other hearthguard to see what strength can be lent for this endeavor. May your hearthfire burn eternal, and your tankard endless! Hearthguard Draco O'Dell
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    Hook Finale Favorites

    -Bringing all the new dwarves to the First Forge and watching Baby's First Oath. Just makes me so happy to see our growing dwarf population after years of being the only dwarf of the chapter -Draco and Nyio having a chat with Jrajj giving the Tribal Law of Conquest line and both of us giving...
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    Favorites: October 1st Weekend: The Pride of Rathfall

    First time on the NPC side of the fence was amazing. Hope everyone had a wonderful time *opening the door on my knees as Broomithy saying "Hewwo" and immediately Silp's first words are "Do you have no legs?" that mod as a whole was a blast. Maybe he'll learn the number 6 in the spirit world...
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    July Opener 2021 Favorites!!

    It was wonderful to finally be back! It was so great to see everyone. In no particular order and not limited to: A romantic plotline started 3 years ago 'off screen' coming to roller coaster fruition. Getting engaged, convincing her to die in the worst way possible to save the world, watching...
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    A Request for Compurgators

    To all who hear this, For all you who know me, know I do not typically reach out for help. I strive to not burden others with my personal business. Please understand the graveness that I must do so now. A Dwarfmoot has been called. It is a gathering of all dwarves to present a dispute to the...
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    April Opener Favorites

    Safe to say that Chicago weather welcomed the first event of the season in typical Chicago fashion. In no particular order: Eviscerating Enan while enslaved and him actually dropping. One more thing to add to the list of "crazy **** I'd thought I never do to an elite player" Getting to attack...
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    I need a member of the Council to contact me

    I have been busy in the winter months, and my thoughts have not wandered to the dreaming in some time and for that I apologize. First of all I must request, please do not misrepresent me as nobility. Whatever power and/or authority I have are strictly confined to the duties of sheriff which is...
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    Let's Share What We Know!

    The Nine: I plan on journeying to the Northlunds this winter to view the aftermath and aid in whatever way I can. Technically Iago killed Leviticus, bit unclear on what happened to the other one but I believe Iago killed himself? Creatures of Power: According to the communal dream the Company...
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    October Closer Favorites

    -Going all One Ring with my shield. Glad I'm not actually paranoid about stuff, it's really exhausting. Fun hearing people attempting to rationalize my behavior -All of the freaky friday changes. -During golden door fight, dead on the ground next to Thaddeus, hearing Cyn check both of us, then...