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    Pre-Reg for Blood, Sweat and Fears, May 4-7, 2012 - Closed

    Re: Pre-Reg for Blood, Sweat and Fears, May 4-7, 2012 NPC pre-reg
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    March Event NPC Role Call

    Yes. Yes I would.
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    Pre-Reg for our March 2012 Event - The Green Mile

    Got a problem with furries, JP? :cool: Can't wait to kill... er, see you all next weekend.
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    Some New PC questions

    "P.S.It would be epic if you guys used LARP arrows instead of bean bags." As one of the several resident archers I can't help but agree! It'd be wonderful if an arrow strike felt different than a spell. Alas!
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    Help Needed!

    I could allvays use a little help from the family. Glad to know that you will be there! And my dear sister, Prashka! Will Esrael and any of the rest of the family members come?
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    Remember that Gypsies are notoriously hard to pin down, bot literally and figuratively. They are gregarious and colorful people, but beyond that the sky is the limit. All of your ideas can easily work, as can a mix of them. The most important thing is to have fun and don't hold back. We Rom are...
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    Directions and Map to Scouters Mountain

    Yeah, while I'm at school I live in Eugene. My hometown is Milwaukie, Oregon, and I live just off the intersection between 224 and I-205. I used to live in an apartment off of King Rd, even.
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    Directions and Map to Scouters Mountain

    hah! This is in my backyard! I'm stoked.
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    Help Needed!

    Ah, I just get back and already is the trouble? Vhell, I vould love to see this new place! And if they are friends of my friends, they are friends of my friends and I! I shall lend a my stringed instrument which throws pointy bits to the cause. Vith much love, ~Itzack Wolfe the Extraordinary...
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    Pre-reg is open for our June 2011 Event!

    I'm in. That'll be the weekend after school ends. I'll need it. lol Itzack Wolfe in the hizouse.
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    April Event 2011 Pre-Registration List

    Howdy, just letting you all know that I will be at Alliance Seattle this weekend. I'll be NPCing, so no Legion fun-times for me, but I can't wait to see you all out there.
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    March event faves

    I THOUGHT something was different. Hum.
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    March event faves

    So jealous. I have a feeling I'll have epic stories to listen to when I get back!
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    Please remove me from the list. Won't be bringing veggie trays.
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    Pre-Reg for the March 18-20th Event!

    Please remove me from the pre-reg list. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it guys. Dad's having a birthday, so real world foils the fun once again!