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    2020 Schedule and Season Two Post

    I am wondering, with such an unfortunate pestilence as you know has recently come about, whether these dates remain accurate? Is there no plans to cancel, given the recent (and delightfully medieval) panic? As well, I am dimly aware that the Boy Scouts have issued cancellations on most or all of...
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    Laws of the Land

    Dear fellow servants of the renewal of the world, How sorrowful is the place where the Law, known in the hearts of all men and women, is clouded! How richly, then, we shall be rewarded with a love of goodness when we act with Justice in this place that knows little. We all know what good is...
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    Tea Time is time for Talking

    Noble Maid Auryn, If you are the Auryn whom I had met upon the last market day, then I know that this noble event shall be both soft-spoken and greatly heeded. I shall make effort to attend, though since last market day I have strayed far afield from the Lady's tavern. If I do not arrive for...
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    Laws of Ravensong

    Honorable Mr. Crane When you spoke before the banquet last market day, you had received no end of grief from the noble adventurers of old Gaden and myself. Nonetheless, you persevered with grace and dignity before us. I thank you, and I thank your lord, for the mercy we have received hence...
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    Requesting Pictures

    Hello! I am in need of pictures from events within the past two years, so I come to you all to ask if you have any you could share. I would prefer pictures which include myself, but I will accept any that are available. Preferred topics include: battles; important or entertaining interactions...
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    Pre-Registration Open for May 19th-21st Weekend Event!

    If this is true, then would the logistics crew please disregard my statement of blanketed character made in the pre-registration form, substituting, "new character," if possible.
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    Pre-Registration Open for May 19th-21st Weekend Event!

    If we are planning on starting a new character, is it legal to enter new character in the blanket area?