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    Monster Camp Clean Up

    I wanna!
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    2.0, 2.1, and returning players

    Also there are like a bazillion new people! So not knowing what’s going on will make you fit in with about 50% of us [emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2.0, 2.1, and returning players

    Hi! I get this! I’m new as of the fall but I wanted to let you know how much grace is being given! It’s frustrating to be going around and always changing rules - however - I’m trying to see it as “I get to be part of the development of the new rules! Or reason we keep the old ones!” Also on...
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    PCs Leading Activities for 5 day

    Hello! Want to help lead something in the 5-day as your PC? The setting of the 5 day is set at The Nexus Games in Foyer Creek. Adventures will be going through portals to do different mods in a variety of places but the "home" of Foyer Creek will have things for PCs to jump into. We are...
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    July 22 favourites

    July 22 favorites: ”why even wear makeup if DeSylvia isn’t here?” ”Baby?!” Riqi troll time some solid long convos in and out of game - thanks for trusting me with with it! waterguns and a wet Sid hug Derek‘a 4am stories merchant row and meeting JT’s face new players! Love talking with...
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    July 22nd Weekend Event: "More of whats New, More of whats Different"

    I hope you feel better Rob!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Need help developing a PC Villain Idea- Cult Leader?

    As far as weapons. I’m new to foam smithing but I love it! We have some awesome crafters and some of that gets talked about more in our discords. I think experts I know are Alexander and Ethan. Liz is new.. but omg she seems to be able to make things just thinking about them! So she may be good...
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    Need help developing a PC Villain Idea- Cult Leader?

    Being bad can be a lot of fun but in this game I may suggest trying it as an NPC - maybe a recurring one! Working with plot team may help you develop exactly this type of feel and give you resources a normal pc wouldn’t have. People will love to “hate” you as an NPC! How to do that to...
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    Donations 5-Day Big Mid-West

    I hope to try my hand at making some of the needed weapons - but still doubt my abilities- anything like special colors or other details to note as I make them? I have a sheet of the nice foam and some fiberglass and kitespar - I have a couple commissions Lined up too so I know I will have my...
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    May Event Favorites

    Wait! I almost forgot! Selling my house MID MOD! Binake came up with some crazy good fighting as I got the call and I had to fade to party and go accept an offer and sign documents!!!! closing at the end of June!
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    May Event Favorites

    Favorites from May 2022 new players that just went with it all! “My favorite biata” - you killed it on so many amazing levels! Great acting! Great store! Great costume! You are a natural at all this! And Faval - you did so well and I felt so bad for your farmer I gave her way too much money...
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    Spider Island Assault: A Manifesto

    You have my bow! ~Tuli
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    April 15th Favorites Thread

    It was fun to be an NPC- although I missed Tuli-ness. I loved seeing my husband get into the fighting! Larp may still be more my game but at least he knows what I’m talking about now! Weapon advice from Ethan and Ryan! Being the “big bad” spider mommy! Being a bunny/wolf that couldn’t make...
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    Come One, Come All to Merchant's Row!

    Tuli’s Treasure Trove: Tasteful Trinkets is not going to be represented this Market. The Bard Tuli has some family business to attend to with her children. Yet, if anyone has orders, please send a message! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Chicago Opener 2022 Event Favorites

    Afters highlights for larp opener April 1, 2022: 1. An unexpected highlight was the care and love I felt after my car breaking down on the way home. I had nobody’s cell and I’m 4 hours away from home and I am so grateful to friends reaching out and offering everything they could to help me...