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    Water, Water, Everywhere...

    Please note that the swimming pool at the camp will be available from 1-5PM on Saturday (7/27) of the event. We are planning some water based mods as well as free swimming to keep from melting. Bring somethinig to swim in...no birthday suits.
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    Magic Item Conversions

    Hello AGB, This is a reminder that we are now officially in rule set 2.0. This means that all magic items and ritual scrolls need to be converted to the 2.0 rules before they can be used in game. Our next event is only a few short weeks away (7/26-7/28) so please submit your requests to Justin...
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    July 26th-28th: Weekend Event - Preregistration

    Here is the preregistration list for the July 26-28 event. It is $70 for the event if you preregister and $80 at the door. Make sure to send your production conversion to logistics: barran.logistics@gmail.com and your magic item conversions to rules: agbrules@gmail.com. Also, make sure to...
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    Stormbreak may Event

    Reserved Fire for Ryan Kelsey, Matt Colosimo and Alexis Harrington
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    May 3-5 Weekend Event: Preregistration

    Tonya still needs to register in CMA. You will not count towards treasure policy if you are not registered by Thursday evening.
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    Buying and Selling

    Having knowledge of something is not the same as doing that something.
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    Buying and Selling

    Greetings from the Golden Gryphon Trading Company, The company store shall be open during the upcoming gather. We have a fine selection of alchemy, potions, magic scrolls, reagents and much more. Do you need a custom order? We have a Master Alchemist, Master Potion Maker and and a Master...
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    May 3-5 Weekend Event: Preregistration

    Greetings AGB, We are one week out from the next event. Please make sure to register in CMA (this includes NPCs) so we will have your characters available at logistics Friday night, you get event credit and for you to count towards Treasure Policy. We will also be doing production conversions...
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    May 3-5 Weekend Event: Preregistration

    Here is the pre-registration list for the May 3-5 event. Make sure to register for the event in the CMA so we have access to your character! PC: DJ Hartman - :) Alex Steslow- :) Sarah Shimko - :) Kiersten Doheny- :) Michael Steslow- :) Robert Ames- :) Ryan Kelsey :) Matt Colosimo :)...
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    April 5-7 Weekend Event: Preregistration

    You must preregister in the CMA if you are PCing or NPCing. I know, too many forms, but this is the big one.
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    April 5-7 Weekend Event: Preregistration

    Drew, we did not get a list of Memberships when we bought the chapter, but don't worry about it. I'll take you at your word. You're good to go and thanks for coming to NPC for us!
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    Production Conversion Form

    Greetings AGB, We have added another resource to our website to help players convert their production (Alchemy, Potions, Battle Scrolls). Go to http://alliancegettysburg.com/pre-logistics/ and click the link on the page regarding 2.0 Production Conversion. It will open a Google Form that walks...
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    April 5-7 Weekend Event: Preregistration

    Make sure to preregister to NPC here http://alliancegettysburg.com/npc-registration/ Thanks!
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    April 5-7 Weekend Event: Preregistration

    Got it. Missed it the first time. My bad.