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    The 2022 Season Super Post

    The 2022 season is fast approaching! This is the 2022 super post to talk about memberships, donations, and getting ready for the “WOAH-Let’s Do It” 2022 Season. The Season will start in March and end with the Feast in the January of 23. We will not be finalizing the schedule for a couple weeks...
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    Registration: January 7th Full Weekend Feast: The Best Beast Feast

    As a note as an Alpha Playtest there will be 12 Dragon Stamps for all PCs in attendance, and 6 DS for any person who submits a formal feedback on 2.1. There will be a form posted to do so after the event. The playtest packet will be posted HERE once it is released at the end of the month.
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    Welcome the Viktory Celebration

    (((OOG Posted in town halls and taverns across two continents...heralds sent to every land which will have them))) Welcome the Viktory Celebration! The Dayspear Dynasty, Leaf Crown, Northlunds, Ternian Empire, and Wayside would like to invite you to a market gathering of celebration, culture...
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    January 7th Weekend Feast Menu

    Through out the event there will fresh fruit, and a couple other "appetizer" offerings that are to be determined. But suffice to say bring your appetites! Friday Night: The Ma Torgenson's Ultimate Dessert Contest will have the tavern full of many delectable options that hopefully fit most any...
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    Registration: January 7th Full Weekend Feast: The Best Beast Feast

    Welcome to the Registration Thread for January 7th Full Weekend Feast: The Best Beast Feast The event for PCs will cost $90 and NPCs $35; however anyone who preregisters will gain a $15 discount! Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Saturday are included with your event fee. This event will be high...
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    An accounting of Professionals

    I misheard the dreaming, my apologies for clouding the topic it iz good though that my chocolate is known. Kit
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    An accounting of Professionals

    I make Chocolate, Kitaruen Kopanari
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    New Footwear

    I think any black or brown boot even when not in period looks fine as a complement to a character. The military boots especially as they have the heavy look of an in period boot. I recently have learned that moccasins are really great personally and look good for a natural character.
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    Nov/Dec IBGAs round

    Welcome everyone to the next round of IBGAs! Please submit them no later than 11/26 to Everyone receives the following: Primary Action OR Group Action Secondary Actions as generated by various sources such as a Noble Title, Special Items, Magic Item Flaws, or...
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    Hook Finale Favorites

    Oh completely forgot an absolute great moment when Agate busted into song "A whole new world" at request and did great! Oh and Gerty being giddy at the great forge! Oh and man I really just loved this event I keep thinking of more and more little moments.
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    Hook Finale Favorites

    So I rarely start the favorites thread as it feels odd to me as an event runner. But I had soooo much fun this event I have to. Many thanks to NPCs and PCs alike. A special call out to Alexander for epic props as well! Also just big props to Ractor/Thomas for ending a 21 year old character with...
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    PC Talk November 12th

    Trying something new, a brief write up of the PC Talk posted for those who are late to site, miss it by 10 minutes on site, and the like. Please give it a read, with that said it does not replace live PC talk. Please attend if able. PC Talk will be 10PM sharp in the Tavern, with a goal of lay...
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    Flaming Skull Menu November 12th Weekend

    Welcome to our second Westhaven Market Day! The Flaming Skull is pumping out new dishes we're excited for you to try! Breakfast: Fresh Baked Biscuits and sausage gravy Gluten-Free option: GF Biscuits available, gravy is already gf Vegetarian option: Served without sausage. Lactose-Free option...
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    Missing Journal

    Problem solved
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    Registration: November 12th Weekend: Isopods and Tardigrades Oh My!!

    Its tommorrow, the 9th! Sorry about the typo. Also folks are always welcome to just come out, or register after deadline. Just a few bucks more to help cover last minute expenses and to encourage prereg as it makes life a lot easier for kitchen, logistics, and plot.