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    Buying first weapon

    Hello there and welcome! I cannot comment on a company as a whole, because each model is different, but in terms of latex weapon this is what I have used in the past and have not had any safety objections...
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    ARB: Alliance Rulebook Beta Feedback

    Rebirth high magic cost is listed as 5 on the table on page 148, versus 8 in the prerelease packet. "It is also a very good in-game cure for an in-game hangover." on page 136-137 in the description of purify is very out of place. Is it possible to get a list or table for how mettle interacts...
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    Hq June event Pre Reg.

    Ryan L payed to PC Melimir I'll register on the CMA after the official cutover at the end of the month!
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    Opener favorites

    This event was a great time, and I cannot wait for the next event. You SWINGERS made this event for me. It was an awesome time, and I can't wait to you all again and see all the shenanigans we're going to get into. I am still convinced there is a delicious watermelon hidden somewhere for us to...
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    This rule change is horrible

    Can we at least all come together and agree that changing "death" to "doom" is thematically bad?
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    Crossroads Contact Information

    General Manager – Logistics – Plot Committee – Customer Service –
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    Crossroads 2019 Season Pass

    Our weather is such that the best months for us to play are not in conflict with most chapters' regular season!
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    Season Passes 2019?

    Crossroads first season pass! And we have winter games!
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    Crossroads 2019 Season Pass

    Greetings! Alliance Crossroads is pleased to announce our first ever pay-no-play season pass for the 2019 season! So what do you get? For $65 your character will automatically be blanketed for each event during our main campaign’s 2019 season. That’s 13 logistics periods! If you do decide to...
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    [.11] Alternative Life Idea

    Of course. But plot can control when they drop or to a lesser extent to whom they drop (via mods). Big fight planned for 10pm? Drop a few on a mod at 8pm. Or the PC's haven't been pressured hard and still have a lot of resources at their disposal, drop them after. I trust plot fully to control...
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    [.11] Alternative Life Idea

    See but now its getting more complicated than it needs to be. As long as they're not LCO they travel. Secondly, the local economies of the chapters can determine the value, much like they currently do. And thirdly, reagents are a resource only usable by a minority of players, this gives everyone...
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    [.11] Alternative Life Idea

    Why not just use reagents? They already exist in the game, have expiration dates, and it would create a use for non-formalists. Have the user break the popsicle stick in half to activate "releasing the stored magic in the item' which also renders it unusable for ritual casting. Gives a purpose...
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    [.11] Oregon | November 2-3 | Thoughts and musings

    As a relatively low level earth scholar who has relied heavily on MI life spells, I can say this will absolutely be a thing. I do not know if its necessarily good or bad, but it will exist.
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    [.11] Armor Enchanments

    I am sure this is going to be an unpopular opinion with some, but here are my observations. I think the entire point of these rituals is to benefit those individuals who choose to wear "real armor" instead of AA or celestial armor. I believe that trying to rep solely a bracer or glove or...
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    [.11] Poll : Reworking Resurrection

    Correct. A character would lose access to a skill/skills depending on level. However the same character wouldnt have a chance of being erased after dying. I'd say that's a pretty reasonable tradeoff. If your character died, youd lose 18 build under what I am proposing. Per current rules you...