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    2020 Alliance LARP Utah Fundraiser!

    I still haven't received any goblin points in the CMA for this. Are they granted at the end?
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    2020 Alliance LARP Utah Fundraiser!

    Any news on the 2020 Utah schedule yet?
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    August 2019 Favorite Moments!

    My favorites Exploring by the lake, being first to find some cards and resources. Spending time with everyone in Peat's tent. Ice cream on a hot day. Watching the horses. Watching the fire juggling. Being upwind while casting spells, I think someone in Nebraska is about to take a 20 ice bolt...
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    GS-paid Reward for PCs

    Did this ever happen for the 2018 season? Still in the works?
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    July 2019 Favorite Moments!

    It was a great game. I really needed something fun this weekend and was not disappointed. Official meeting with Warchester for an interview. Sharing some details about Korric that not many people know about. And then providing puzzle aid for a mod with them later on. Peat asking if I was a good...
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    March 2019 ~ Favorite moments!!

    My favorite part of the event was the bakery/library mod with the maze in the dark. That was an absolute blast.
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    New to ,well, everything

    Hi Mavelian, I'm fairly new too. Just PCd my first event in February. This is a very friendly and merry crew of folks. I played an NPC back in November and it was a great experience plus I got to know and understand the system from the other side, which greatly helped when I decided to play on...
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    Improved channeling prerequsite

    Well, thanks for the clarification. It helps with my build plan.
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    February 2019 Favorite Moments!

    Going all weekend long without anyone discovering that I was a doppelganger. jk maybe? First game as a PC *First kill, 10 elemental flame to a stone elf kidnapper whoosh *First fall, blocking the door as a corpse so big bad chaos elemental couldn't get in, but being only 2 feet away from a...
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    Improved channeling prerequsite

    To qualify for improved channeling someone needs 20 ranks of channeling, right? Sure! But do all 20 ranks need to be of the same attribute to qualify? Can I mix and match celestial channeling ranks with earth channeling ranks to meet the prerequisite? The rules do state that the 50 bonus...
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    2.0 high magic interactions

    Here is my question. If someone has the high magics oak of the archmage, and higher manifestation both applied, can a character use higher manifestations ability while holding an elementally attuned staff? The exact wording seems to infer that it is possible, but I'm not sure if that is how it...
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    Hi, my name is Mike. I was NPC for the Nov 2.0 playtest. I'm looking forward to joining you all again next year.